• Swiss precision motors handle the valuable Mars soil samples

    The NASA rover Perseverance is landing on Mars on February 18. Was there life on Mars in the past? This is the question that one of the most complex robotic systems ever built by humankind has set out to answer. Several of maxon’s electric drives are used for handling the soil samples—and control the first Mars helicopter.

  • maxon and Fourier Intelligence join forces to transform rehabilitation technology

    maxon Group and Fourier Intelligence announce that they are entering into a global strategic partnership. maxon's precision drive systems and the start-up Fourier's Intelligence’s rehabilitation robotics are a perfect match and are expected to drive the development of new technologies for patients.

  • maxon introduces a multi-axis controller for highly dynamic positioning tasks

    maxon is launching the next generation of Motion Controllers with its MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10. The controller is ideal for use in applications where PLC solutions may be too expensive or cannot meet customer-specific requirements.

  • maxon develops ultra-efficient UAV drive with startup Flybotix

    maxon has collaborated with drone startup Flybotix to develop performance-optimized brushless DC motors for a new kind of inspection drone. With the know-how gained from this and other projects, maxon is making inroads into the new UAV market, where the reliability and quality of components are becoming more important.

  • «driven» takes a look at the fourth planet

    Our fascination with Mars is stronger than ever, again and again, researchers are drawn to it. At this very moment, yet another robot mission is on its way to uncover the secrets of Mars. This mission will also involve the first helicopter flight in space. We’ve dedicated this issue of driven to the Perseverance mission and all of the other explorative missions before it.

  • maxon and ANYbotics enter into a strategic partnership

    Drive specialist maxon, renowned for its Mars motors, is joining forces with the robotics startup ANYbotics and will in future supply the drive systems of the autonomous ANYmal inspection robot. The robot will soon be marketed in large quantities. This cooperation will also benefit maxon, since ANYbotics provides important robotics know-how and is currently the most successful young company in this field.

  • maxon drives are heading to the Red Planet with NASA's Perseverance rover

    In July, NASA will be sending its fifth rover to Mars. Its main mission is to collect soil samples that will be analyzed on Earth at a later time. The rover will also carry a helicopter that will perform the first flights on the Red Planet. maxon's precision DC and BLDC motors will be used for numerous mission-critical tasks.

  • maxon posts record results for 2019

    Sachseln/Obwalden - The maxon Group, based in Sachseln (Switzerland), set a new record with its results for 2019. Compared to the previous year, the company increased its revenue by around CHF 40 million, to CHF 567.8 million. (+7.9 %). This means that the maxon Group has more than doubled its revenue in the past ten years. The growth in revenue was achieved by permanently expanding the company's markets and customer base, which required regular investments and targeted development of human resources. In 2019, maxon invested more than CHF 40 million in mobile tangible assets and in building new office and production facilities. By the end of the year, maxon had more than 3,050 employees at nine production sites and sales companies in more than 30 countries. In spite of being as innovative as ever, maxon estimates that there will be a significant drop in revenue in 2020, due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • New miniature drives for medical robots and multi-axis systems

    maxon is once again expanding its range of configurable drives with more brushless DC motors, gearheads, and encoders from the ECX series. There is also news on positioning controllers in the micro segment.

  • A wide variety of high-performance drives

    maxon, high precision drive specialist, launches high-torque product innovations this Spring. These include higher performance flat motors, drives with higher torque output, and new additions to the GPX gearbox family.

  • The Cybathlon special issue magazine is now available.

    In Zurich on May 2nd and 3rd, pilots will be navigating obstacle courses with the aid of assistance systems as they battle for victory in Cybathlon. maxon has devoted a special magazine to this event and asks: Where is the development of prosthetic devices heading? How do you build an exoskeleton? Which of the six different disciplines is the Cybathlon founder’s favorite?

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