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Extensive knowledge, innovation, and expertise in the field of drive technology are the foundation for solutions that deliver impressive performance, reliability, and efficiency. We help our customers to select the right components and provide extensive information and tutorials. 

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To push boundaries and create unprecedented solutions for space travel, medical advances, or the future of industry, we need one thing above all: a whole universe of expertise.


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In the operating room. In the car. In space. maxon drive systems are among the best in the world. On our blog you’ll find not only exciting application stories, but also many technical articles sharing the accumulated knowledge of maxon experts.

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Our drives move the world forward.

In the smart factory of the future, on the road, in the air, in the operating room, or in space – there is no room for compromise. Drives from maxon are used whenever precision, efficiency, reliability, and outstanding power in the smallest of spaces are indispensable.

  • Revival bionics 1500x1000maxon Story

    Revolution for bionic prostheses.

    To fully compensate for disability: this is the mission of Revival Bionics. Created in 2021 after 2 years of work, this start-up develops cutting-edge technologies in biomechatronics, that reproduces walking for people with lower limb amputations or paralysis. For its first product - a propulsive foot prosthesic for people with below-knee amputations - Revival Bionics was looking for the best performing materials. The quality of the products and the know-how of the teams convinced the start-up to rely on maxon for the propulsion. A look back at a successful collaboration.
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  • inspection_drone_Samir_blurredmaxon Story

    "The transition to BLDC motors was key"

    Samir Bouabdallah is an expert in drone technology and founder of Flybotix, an exciting startup. We've asked him how the drone market will develop, in his opinion, and what is required of the motors in the flying robots?
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  • Mars Helicopter Labmaxon Story

    "We will get incredibly valuable data”

    For the first time, a helicopter will take off from the surface of Mars. Aerospace engineer Matt Keennon explains how this impossible mission became a reality.
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Knowledge of drive technology and motion control.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right drive system. That is why our Academy pages not only provide you with important basic knowledge and technical information on the various maxon product groups, but also e-learning modules, videos, and books. 


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Our customers can rely on the expertise of the maxon team to help them navigate complex challenges in all areas of drive technology. Explore the basic information presented in a compact format, or contact us directly.


Young Engineers Program

We foster new ideas.

For technology to evolve, it must keep moving. The maxon Young Engineers Program (YEP) supports talented young people in turning innovative ideas into reality. We make our technical expertise and resources available to the most promising projects in the field of drive technology.