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Tutorials, technical articles, and e-learning modules.

The maxon Academy offers clearly structured content to deepen your knowledge of drive technology. Our experts share their specialist knowledge of the workings of our drive systems, energy efficiency, and selecting the right components.


Innovation is the beating heart of progress.

Welcome to maxon’s Keynote. We will be diving into three truly exciting and innovative topics that showcase the diversity and versatility of our company’s high-precision drives and systems. Electric Vehicles, Lab Automation and Robotics - all areas in which maxon is making an incredible impact. Enjoy watching.

maxon Academy

For thinkers. For doers. For discoverers. The maxon Academy aims to drive technical innovation through knowledge, education, and curiosity.


Understanding products and parameters.

The maxon Academy imparts basic knowledge, but always with a focus on current customer requirements and market trends. With our digital resources you can expand your technical knowledge and keep it up to date. Benefit from practical tutorials and e-learning modules from our experts.


Selection of drive components

This video will guide you through the 7 main steps in the drive selection process.


Encoder selection

Learn more about the different types of incremental encoders and how to choose the one that is right for your application.


Gearhead selection

This video will guide you through the process of selecting a maxon gearhead, based on load torque and speed.


Controller selection

Understand what you need to consider when choosing a controller and learn more about maxon DEC, ESCON, EPOS and MACS.


Winding selection

Use the maxon motor data sheets to find the optimum winding for a specific maxon motor type and understand all relevant selection parameters.


maxon encoder families

Get an overview of our portfolio of optical, magnetic, and inductive encoders and gain insight into their unique features.


Scientific publications.


Formula handbook

This extensive collection with illustrations and descriptions includes formulas, terminology, and explanations of the calculations that are relevant for drive systems. A flow chart provides assistance in selecting the right drive for each purpose.

    Stemme-Buch-Magnetismus (1)


    This book gives you the basic principles, terminology, and theory on magnetism, magnetic circuits, and magnetization processes. There is also a detailed discussion of the magnetic forces relevant to drive technology, as well as explanations of magnetic field sensors and the natural magnetic field.  

    Author: Dr. Otto Stemme, 182 pages 
    ISBN 978-3-9520143-3-2 
    Language: English  

    Price: CHF 69.00, EUR 64.00. 
    Free shipping worldwide (duties may apply)


      The selection of high-precision microdrives

      Step by step, from the targeted formulation of the drive problem to the problem’s solution. Numerous tips and explanations without a large amount of theory, except where required for understanding. Various application examples explore critical aspects of drive technology. 

      Author: Dr. Urs Kafader; approx. 150 pages. 3rd edition. 
      Language: English 
      Price: (CHF 42.00, EUR 39.00). 
      Free shipping worldwide (duties may apply)


        Configurations and niche products.

        Are you looking for a drive system whose architecture must meet highly specific requirements? In addition to an online configurator for easy modification, we also offer a comprehensive development ecosystem to create the perfect solution.

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