Drives for safety systems

An eye on safety and costs.

Locking systems or surveillance cameras require solutions which are not only high quality, but also cost effective. With the modular maxon product portfolio, we always find an optimal solution without compromising on quality and performance. 

Drive systems

Everything from a single source.

maxon drives are the optimal solution for safety doors, locking systems, surveillance cameras, and mobile inspection systems.

Reliable and robust

Insensitive to differences in temperature or shocks

Long service life

Fast and precise positioning

High power density in the smallest of spaces

Low noise

We push our drives to their limits.

Drive systems from maxon can withstand a lot: high vibrations, extreme temperatures from -100 °C to +200 °C, and brutal stresses. We have our own in-house development laboratory with a vacuum chamber, a variety of climate-temperature systems, and a mechanical impact tester, which can generate extreme g-values of up to 2500 g. In addition, the service life of more than a thousand motors is tested in our endurance test chamber, where drives run for more than 20 000 hours.

Our product recommendations.

Space is always tight in locking systems. Our very small, but nevertheless powerful drives offer the ideal solution here.



  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 17'300 rpm
  • up to 0.65 mNm



  • ∅8 mm
  • i= 4.0 … 1024
  • up to 0.1 Nm




  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 256 cpt
  • 3-channel




  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 50'000 rpm
  • up to 1.26 mNm



  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 1024 cpt
  • 3-channel

DEC Module 24/2


  • 8 … 24 VDC
  • up to 2 A
  • 1-Q-EC Amplifier

Monitoring cameras are permanently exposed to wind and weather. This means that the motors and gearheads need to be able to work flawlessly under extreme conditions such as humidity or temperature.


A-max 16


  • ∅16 mm
  • up to 19'000 rpm
  • up to 2.4 mNm

GP 16


  • ∅16 mm
  • i= 4.4 … 4592
  • up to 0.6 Nm

EC-max 16


  • ∅16 mm
  • up to 20'000 rpm
  • up to 8.2 mNm

EC 20 flat


  • ∅20 mm
  • up to 15'000 rpm
  • up to 8.58 mNm

Drive systems for blocking systems, opening systems as well as high-security locks in safety doors need to work flawlessly, precisely, and reliably for many years. 

DC-max 26


  • ∅26 mm
  • up to 11'000 rpm
  • up to 28 mNm

GPX 26


  • ∅26 mm
  • i= 3.9 … 1526
  • up to 6.3 Nm

DCX 22


  • ∅22 mm
  • up to 18'000 rpm
  • up to 32 mNm

GPX 22


  • Ø22 mm
  • i= 3.9 … 1526 
  • up to 5.2 Nm

A-max 22


  •  Ø22 mm
  • up to 16'000 rpm
  • up to 7.0 mNm

GP 22


  • Ø22 mm
  • i= 3.8 … 4592
  • up to 3.4 Nm

Mobile inspection or maintenance systems such as cameras for pipe crawlers are exposed to harsh environment conditions and need to reliably withstand vibrations and shock loads.

DCX12L mit Standardflansch

DCX 12


  • Ø12 mm
  • up to 13'000 rpm
  • up to 4.2 mNm
GPX12 2_stufig

GPX 12


  •  Ø12 mm
  • i= 3.9 … 1526
  • up to 0.35 Nm

DC-max 16


  • Ø16 mm
  • up to 11'000 rpm
  • up to 4.8 mNm

GPX 16 A


  • Ø16 mm
  • i= 3.9 … 1526
  • up to 0.9 Nm

RE 10


  • ∅10 mm
  • up to 19'000 rpm
  • up to 1.5 mNm

GP 10


  • Ø10 mm
  • i= 4.0 … 1024
  • up to 0.15 Nm

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does maxon ensure that the data given in the catalog will be achieved?

    The development process for every product includes validation of the motor or gearhead data. In our in-house laboratory, new products undergo extensive testing. This is how we ensure that the electrical and mechanical specifications will be met. 

  • Can maxon simulate the thermal behavior at a specific operating point or in a specific cycle?

    Yes, we can determine the behavior for each motor with simulations or calculations.

  • Does maxon produce custom controllers in addition to the catalog range?

    Yes. maxon has a large team of development engineers working on controllers. We have all the necessary know-how from design to prototyping in-house, and therefore are able to respond flexibly to special customer requirements.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity for configurable motors or gearheads?

    No, configurable products or products with standard modifications from the maxon catalog can be ordered in any quantity. For more complex configurations, the minimum order quantity is three units.


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