Staying in control. It has never been easier.

Robotics and automation require increasingly complex drive controllers. The focus no longer only lies on the motor controller or motion controller but on small, complete, networked systems. maxon features the ideal controller portfolio for this evolution.

Control systems for precision and dynamics.

Efficient controllers must offer a high degree of functionality and flexibility in any application. Topics, such as diagnostics, networking, and functional safety, are gaining in importance. The drive controller must be easy to commission and operate.  

To achieve maximum performance for each drive, the maxon portfolio ranges from simple current or speed controllers to highly dynamic motion controllers and motor-integrated controllers. A major advantage: All controllers are perfectly matched to the individual components of the brushless and brushed motors from maxon.

Motion control

Central control for complex axis movements.

With freely programmable maxon multi-axis controllers, you can synchronize coordinated movements of several axes with high precision.

  • Available with or without integrated power stages 
  • Suitable for multi-axis positioning or synchronization as well as the control of kinematic systems
  • License-free ApossIDE automation software
  • EtherCAT, Ethernet & CANopen interfaces

Current and speed controllers

Easy current and speed control.

A wide variety of maxon PWM servo controllers with high efficiency offer optimum power and functionality. Fast controllers and a very high clock frequency result in excellent control characteristics.

  • For highly dynamic systems with a higher-level positioning or speed control loop
  • Command functions with analog and digital signals
  • Built-in, additional inductance for operation with low-inductance motors
  • Configuration, tuning, and diagnostic options with free Studio software

Positioning controllers

Intelligent position control.

maxon positioning controllers offer a wide range of operating modes as well as various command interfaces. Their high power density provides high flexibility for use with DC motors of up to 1050 W continuous power.

  • From simple point-to-point positioning to highly dynamic dual loop control with FOC
  • Can be combined with different feedback encoders, such as Hall sensors, incremental encoders, or absolute sensors
  • Easy to use due to comprehensive libraries and Studio software with fully automatic Regulation Tuning
  • EtherCAT and CANopen interfaces

Easy to configure. Large selection.

Quick availability, support during purchasing, and customized configuration for your application upon request. And there are many more reasons to use our online shop:  

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