maxon Sustainability Report

Our commitment to a sustainable future.

The annual maxon Sustainability Report describes the economic, environmental, and social impacts of maxon, and sets forth our commitment to a sustainable future. As a long-established, family-owned Swiss company, sustainable approaches to production and business are part of our DNA. maxon has an action roadmap encompassing all short- and long-term sustainability activities. Furthermore, a Group-wide environmental policy was implemented in 2023. Our Sustainability Report is prepared according to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

For our employees

A working environment characterized by trust and respect.

The success of maxon would not be possible without our employees. They make our company what it is, keep our customers happy, and develop the technologies that take us all further. A strong sense of responsibility toward our employees is ingrained in our family-run company. We think in terms of generations and are happy to have so many employees of long standing, some of whom have children who now also work with us.

Our responsibility

A moral compass for ethical conduct and reliable products.

The way we conduct our activities and make decisions is founded on our moral principles and values: high standards of quality and performance, and treating people with respect, both inside the company and outside it. This not only protects maxon’s reputation but is also a prerequisite for strong partnerships. So we can achieve progress – for society, for people, and for the environment.