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2030: Laboratory & Drug Delivery.

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For more than 30 years, maxon France has been committed to providing manufacturers of medical devices with continuously optimized intelligent motion.

In our second white paper, dedicated to the challenges of 2030 for specialist producers of laboratory instruments and drug delivery devices, we present a detailed analysis of the market for motorized medical devices. These devices are faced with new issues arising from scientific, societal, and regulatory changes. maxon France is at the forefront of the P4 medicine revolution, and here we share our knowledge of motorization and mechatronics with you.

Numerous challenges lie ahead, as discussed here by Alain Pontille, CEO.

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“We are aware of our responsibility in the development of innovations in France” – Alain Pontille CEO of MDP – maxon France


What is your vision for the development of the markets for in vitro diagnostic equipment and drug delivery systems?

Alain Pontille: The IVD market has been constantly evolving for the last 20 years now. We are proud to be assisting the major players in this sector in the design, development, and production of complete mechatronics subassemblies for their new laboratory machines. These projects comprise real technological challenges, which always focus on precision and compactness. New projects in the development of point-of-care testing offer genuine improvements, with more connectivity and more compact ergonomics. Syringes for drug delivery, on the other hand, open the door to a mix of technological components such as the combination of mechanical engineering, MID, connectivity, and increasingly compact and lightweight designs.


What do you bring to the companies involved in these markets?

We generally work in these sectors with companies that are often young, and driven by a highly innovative concept with major technological and financial challenges. Our role is to supply them quickly with a “simple” solution that enables them to achieve proof of concept. This is a key step on the path to raising the capital to ensure the future of their project.

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We are aware of our responsibility in the development of innovations in France. To that end, we have created a specific system through which we provide long-term support to companies in developing their own customized solutions.

Our market manager, Virginie Mialane, is also a medical device specialist – in her work as a project manager, she has guided the development of many IVD applications in the last 15 years. Her background and experience give her the necessary capabilities to structure and enrich our support and development offering for innovative companies in the medical device field. For maxon France, this is a major priority.

“Our mechatronic designs for medical devices are highly advanced technological solutions”

Our experts in motorized medical devices are at your disposal.

For nearly 30 years, we have been designing, developing, and producing complete mechatronic systems for the medical industry, from in vitro diagnostic instruments to active implantable medical devices. “Our mechatronic designs for medical devices are highly advanced technological solutions to your needs for miniaturization and low weight, resistance to sterilization processes, operation at very high speeds, long life, and above all reliability.”

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