Media Release 4/13/2023

Bringing product innovations to Hannover Messe.

The new ECX FLAT 32 with integrated electronics. ©maxon

This year's Hannover Messe (April 17–21, 2023) will feature maxon’s latest product developments, along with new 2023/2024 product catalog with more than 600 pages of drive technology. Standout products include the brand new ECX PRIME 6, and the EC frameless DT motors series’ new sizes 65 and 85.

The ECX PRIME 6 with an outside diameter of just 6 mm.

maxon's exhibit this year (hall 6, booth 44) is entirely based around the theme of “more torque and more dynamics in the smallest of spaces.” At its ultra-modern booth, the leading supplier of electric drives and systems will give a first-hand presentation of exciting solutions. The spotlight will be on the new ECX PRIME 6: the first size from the new ECX PRIME motor family.



The new ECX PRIME products are particularly powerful, brushless motors with 4-pole rotors and ironless windings. The ECX PRIME 6 in its M HP version is available for the first time with a motor diameter of just 6 millimeters. The technology, which has already proven itself in larger motors, has been further developed based on customized designs, and engineered for commercial production in such small diameters. The result is a small powerhouse with speeds of up to 50,000 rpm and continuous torques of up to 0.57 mNm. The ECX PRIME 6 is suitable for demanding applications with limited space or where special performance or control dynamics are required, as in the case of prosthetic hands, surgical devices, and implants.


The growing EC frameless DT motor series

After the successful launch of the EC frameless DT50S and DT50M, this motor series has been strengthened by the addition of the EC frameless DT65 and EC frameless DT85. The new motors are available in two lengths. To go with these motors, maxon provides an encoder solution in the form of the TSX 65 MAG and TSX 85 MAG that opens up unique possibilities for the design of complex robotics applications with large hollow shafts.


IDX70 modular system expanded to include the GPX70 gearhead

With the GPX70, maxon is expanding the planetary gearhead series by adding a large, configurable industrial gearhead. The gearhead is offered in three versions: standard, reduced noise level, and ultra-performance, each with either 1-stage or 2-stage reduction. When combined with the IDX70 motors and drives, this expansion provides exceedingly powerful, dynamic drive solutions for both stationary and mobile industrial applications.


New product for confined spaces

With the new ECX FLAT motors with integrated electronics, the market sees the arrival of compact, brushless maxon motors that add an integrated 4-Q speed controller to a proven high-torque motor design. The new compact drives can be operated easily via four digital and analog inputs and outputs. What makes them especially unique is that the extensive functions and parameters of the integrated electronics can be configured directly online.

The ECX FLAT is newly available in a diameter of 22 mm in two versions. The standard version is particularly suitable for confined spaces, while the high-torque version is designed for maximum torque. In addition, the new ENX MILE has been added to the maxon encoder range. It can be combined with both the ECX FLAT 22 and the ECX FLAT 32.


Catalog: both an overview and a modular system in one

maxon offers a wide selection of components: from DC and BLDC motors to gearheads, encoders, positioning controllers, master controllers, and battery management systems. The newly released 2023/2024 catalog provides an overview. On more than 600 pages, you can explore maxon's modular system, data sheets, technical tips, and the practical maxon selection guide. The new print catalog can be ordered online or viewed at, and is available at

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