Drive systems for medical technology

maxon drives are used in numerous medical applications. Our motors perform reliably and with the best possible quality in high-precision devices such as active implants, insulin pumps, surgical robots, power tools, respirators, ventilators and prostheses. Drive components for medical technology applications must meet extremely demanding requirements. Precision, sterilizability, smooth running and long service life, as well as low heat build-up in DC and EC drives are essential.

maxon's medical business unit specializes in developing and producing drive systems for a variety of medical applications. Our engineers are well versed in the technical requirements of the medical technology industry, whether for active implants or robot-assisted rehabilitation. In close partnership with our customers, we develop the perfect drive system based on a modular standard solution or create a fully customized solution tailored to the customer's specifications.



Our experts can advise you in the following areas

Active implants

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Active implants such as ventricular assist devices use sensory or active components to monitor or support human body functions. These implants are designed for long-lasting, reliable operation. The motors of these devices must be equally reliable. maxon can guarantee this, because we understand the requirements of medical technology applications.


  • Ventricular assist devices
  • Active valves
  • Positioning systems
  • Pump systems

Surgical systems

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High tech has been transforming the operating room for some time now. These days, surgeons are supported by robots, and maxon drive systems play an important role in this collaboration. Our DC motors have no cogging torque, making them ideal for use in surgical robots. The minimally invasive operations are very gentle on the patient and hardly leave any scars. maxon drives are also used in hand-held surgical tools. These power tools are used for applications such as removing tissue and cartilage as well as for drilling holes and attaching screws.


  • Surgical robots
  • Power tools
  • Dental devices
  • Ventilators
  • Respirators


Pumps and medication delivery systems

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Many people rely on medical devices such as battery-powered insulin pumps on a daily basis. These pumps automatically inject the required amount of insulin when necessary to keep the blood sugar level of a diabetes patient at the proper level at all times. These pumps are getting smaller and safer. Compact and reliable DC motors combined with quiet gearheads inject precise quantities of insulin. maxon has supported the development of new pumps and medication delivery systems for many years and caters to specific customer requirements.


  • Insulin/pain pumps
  • Dialysis pumps



Rehabilitation and prosthetics

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Compact yet powerful maxon drives are used in many different types of prostheses. At the same time, modern prosthetics present a significant engineering challenge because of their conflicting design goals: high torque, high speed and compact size. This makes the choice of integrated electric motors so important. maxon medical has proven expertise in this field and works closely with customers in order to find the perfect drive for specific applications.


  • Hand prostheses
  • Foot prostheses
  • Exoskeletons
  • Rehabilitation systems


Benefits of our expertise

  • Project solutions in compliance with ISO 13485 and MDR (Medical Device Regulation)
  • Highly integrated custom solutions from a single source, tailored
  • Development and production expertise
  • ISO class 8 and GMPc certified cleanrooms
  • Production sites in Europe, Asia and the USA for cost efficiency and optimal logistics

Popular products

maxon ECX 13/16/19

The brushless ECX Speed motors with an ironless winding feature an extremely wide speed range, high power, excellent control characteristics and unrivaled durability.The sterilizable drives of the ECX Speed series are available with Hall sensors or sensorless, integrated encoder and can be combined with a large number of gearheads. The electrical connection is configurable online.

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maxon ECX Speed 4/6/8

ECX-Speed series motors meet the exacting standards of the medical technology industry and withstand the constantly moist conditions and high salt concentrations inside the human body. With diameters of 4 to 8 millimeters, the brushless DC motors are particularly suitable for applications in medical technology, especially active implants.

Product details and specifications

maxon EC 9.2 flat

In the medical technology industry, devices and drives have to be 100 percent reliable. Pumps and medication delivery systems are no exception. For example, insulin delivery needs to be extremely precise, which is why insulin pumps require a high-precision drive. The maxon EC 9.2 flat meets this need precisely. A slightly modified version of this drive is used in the drive module of an insulin pump.

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maxon DCX 10S

The DCX 10 S is available as a small drive with preloaded ball bearings or sintered bearings. The optional spark suppression (CLL) makes this DC motor with precious metal brushes a real long-distance runner. The compact DCX drive systems are used in applications such as hand and foot prostheses and feature high power density (torque per volume) and absolutely quiet running.

Product details and specifications

Our project management team is goal-oriented and driven

Clearly defined procedures with milestones help maxon guarantee a smooth-running project and constant transparency for the customer.


maxon medical is certified to EN ISO 13485. This standard has been specially designed to ensure greater reliability and traceability for products in the medical technology industry. We also implement project solutions in compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

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