Drive systems for industrial automation

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are affecting manufacturing processes at every company. Industrial production is also being redefined at maxon. We are constantly raising our standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility to a new level without losing focus on costs. This is essential because complex mechatronic systems only work if the components are of the highest quality and perfectly synchronized. maxon meets this requirement and is one of the only suppliers in the world that develops and manufactures DC motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers itself. Our customers benefit from this in many ways; such as when it comes to drive systems for lab automation, the oil and gas industry, test and measurement technology or semiconductor manufacturing. All of these applications require the highest accuracy, sustainability, reliability and quality.

Our interdisciplinary engineering team works closely with customers to develop perfect, custom-made solutions for customer-specific applications. From simple modifications to completely new designs, maxon offers everything from a single source.



Our experts can advise you in the following areas

Lab automation

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Automation in laboratories is becoming increasingly important as a result of aging populations, the associated health costs, personalized treatments, genetic research and many other factors. As laboratory processes become more and more complex, they must still be completed quickly with extreme precision and reliability. maxon's range of motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers, as well as customized mechatronic and electronic design, supports these factors and ensures reliable, precise processes in a variety of laboratory applications.


- Liquid handling (pipetting robots)
- Point of care diagnostics (POC)
- DNA sequencing
- PCR analysis

Power tools

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As the power tool market expands, greater demands are being placed on electric drive systems. In order to meet these requirements, drives must not only be powerful, they must also be highly dynamic, light and efficient. maxon's brushless and brushed DC motors are true powerhouses with an efficiency level of over 90% and excellent controllability.

- Strapping tools and battery-powered staplers
- Pruning shears, plant tying machines, saws and harvester implements
- Electric screwdrivers, nail guns and extrusion tools

Oil and gas industry

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The production of oil and natural gas constantly requires new technologies and innovations in deep drilling technology. The equipment used for deep drilling is exposed to extremely harsh ambient conditions, including temperatures above 200 °C, high pressure and extreme shocks and vibrations. maxon drive systems are used in a variety of drilling applications, hydraulic valve controllers, communication mechanisms and measuring instruments. The maxon Heavy Duty range of motors is designed for these operating conditions and features efficiency levels of up to 88% in air and over 70% in oil. In addition, these motors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures (up to 200 °C) as well as pressure, shocks and vibrations. This makes them ideal for extremely harsh operating conditions.

- Measurement while drilling (MWD)
- Measurement and inspection systems
- Valve controllers
- Hydraulic pump systems

Semiconductor industry

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Where smartphones and computers were once the driving force behind the semiconductor market, trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless communication and artificial intelligence (AI) drive this market today. More and more chips are being produced each year with smaller and smaller feature sizes. Motors and complete drive modules from maxon are used in many areas of the semiconductor industry, from wafer production to the front-end/back-end to pick-and-place applications.The high power density, reliability and low mass inertia of maxon drive systems are ideal for these areas of application. This enables very short cycle times with a service life of several 100 million cycles.

- Wafer production
- Semiconductor finishing
- Pick-and-place applications
- Analysis and test systems for product testing

Test and measurement technology

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Test and measurement technology is an extremely wide-ranging field of application: from high-precision measurements in the semiconductor and surface technology industries to construction site and landscape surveying in rainy, snowy and cold conditions. maxon's extensive product range means that an ideal product or drive system consisting of motor, gearhead and electronics can be found for almost every measurement application. maxon's drives are characterized by precision, compact size, high power density, energy efficiency and reliability.

- 3D measuring devices
- LiDAR systems
- Surface testing devices
- Scanners
- Total stations
- Precision scales

Safety systems

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Whether used in safety doors or mobile inspection systems, maxon drives provide a sense of security. That's because they are longlasting, rugged and reliable. Large temperature fluctuations and impacts do not affect them. They are perfect for safety systems due to their fast and precise positioning. And with their high power density, low noise and long service life, they are ideal for safety doors. All these features make maxon drives the perfect solution for all types of safety systems.

- Safety doors
- Locking systems
- Mobile inspection systems
- Surveillance cameras

Benefits of our expertise

  • Many years of experience in complex drive technology for industrial environments
  • Expertise under one roof
  • Know-how about extreme conditions (temperature, vacuum, pressure, vibration/shock)
  • Dedicated test laboratory in Switzerland for simulating extreme conditions
  • High-precision systems for maximum accuracy
  • Tailored solutions (based on maxon modular system)
  • System expertise

Popular products

maxon EC flat and EC-i

The flat design of the brushless EC flat motors make them the ideal drive for many applications. Their well-thought-out, simple design allows for largely automated production at a competitive price. With their optimized magnetic circuit, the EC-i motors with iron windings offer a very high torque density and very low cogging torque. The multipole internal rotor has excellent dynamics.

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Heavy Duty range

maxon's heavy duty product range is specially designed for extremely harsh operating conditions and temperatures over 200 °C. Developed for challenging requirements, the drive opens up new possibilities for many applications. The motors are highly efficient (up to 88% in air, over 70% in oil), making them ideal for battery powered applications. With their cogging-free running properties, they have excellent control characteristics and are suitable for high-precision positioning tasks in outer space, even at low speeds.

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DCX motor range

maxon DCX motors feature unrivaled power density (torque per volume) and are quiet running. The robust engineering, combined with the globally patented ironless winding, makes the DCX motors a highly dynamic drive for almost every application scenario. The powerful DCX motors with matching gearheads and encoders are configured online and can be delivered within eleven working days.

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EC frameless flat range

The frameless motor kits consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motor shaft. With outer diameters of only 43 to 90 mm, they are extremely compact. Their flat design, high torque and plenty of space for cable glands allow for maximum integration with your application.

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Our project management team is goal-oriented and driven

Clearly defined procedures with milestones help maxon guarantee a smooth-running project and constant transparency for the customer.


maxon's basic quality standards apply to industrial automation. From the customer's specification to the finished product, we are always focused on delivering the highest quality. Quality is a tradition at maxon: The company has been ISO 9001 certified in Switzerland since 1988.

Application stories

Industrial automation

What customers say about us:

While there were other products that could have performed similar tasks, Peak Analysis and Automation (PAA) found that maxon’s customer support and competitive pricing provided them with the confidence they needed to make the best choice for their S-LAB system. The primary barriers that users claim block the adoption of automation in the laboratory is the cost and complexity of the system. The use of maxon’s motion system solutions, has helped PAA to eliminate those concerns.

Rob Harkness, Business Development Manager, Peak Analysis and Automation Ltd.


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