Taking a page out of Natures book

maxon’s driven magazine takes a look at bionics.

Engineers from all over the world are getting inspiration from nature and are developing technologies at the highest level, from bionic prostheses, to exoskeletons for children, and even a salamander with a spine.

  • Spring has sprung, nature is awakening, and the new issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is out

Spring has sprung, nature is awakening, and the new issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is out. Rising to the occasion, our editors turned their research to the fauna and flora – just like many engineers these days. Engineers are copying nature and are creating better and better products. The current issue of driven will look at two examples of bionic systems with functions that come surprisingly close to nature's originals.

We will also look at a list of today’s most exciting animal robots. We’ll have maxon’s motion control specialists offer an inside look at what makes a system intelligent. Plus, an expert will explain how DC motors may be used as generators. All this and much, much more!


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driven, the maxon motor magazine, is published twice a year in three languages and is full of interesting stories, interviews, and news from the world of drive technology. For your free copy, visit: magazine.maxonmotor.com

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