Drive systems for e-mobility, the automotive industry and robotics

Electric drive systems have a major impact on our everyday life and mobility. More and more people are using e-bikes or electric scooters for commuting and recreation. Whether on the road, in the logistics center or under water, maxon’s mecha-tronic systems make things move reliably and efficiently.

Our systems consist of motors, gearheads, sensors, batteries and controllers and constitute the basic building blocks for complex applications. To meet the high demands of our customers, all components are matched to each other by the maxon specialists. In the development of our competitive system solutions from a single source, the focus is on flexibility, efficiency and quality. 




Our experts can advise you in the following areas


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maxon drive systems ensure that cars always stay in their lane. For example, lane departure warning systems (LDW) alert the driver when the vehicle crosses the center line. Our drives are also installed in other parts of the vehicle, such as air-conditioning systems, wind deflectors in convertibles as well as in fuel pumps and injection systems. Other components are used in race cars, where they ensure peak performance by controlling the electronic throttle system and operating reliably and with precision, even under extreme strain.

- Dynamic suspension control  (passenger cars)
- LiDAR systems (remote sensing  technology for autonomous vehicles)
- Brake by wire (e-brake)
- SCR systems (exhaust gas treatment for diesel vehicles)


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Faster, farther, more flexible – e-bikes are more popular than ever, whether on city streets or off-road trails. The maxon Bikedrive Air is like having an invisible helper inside the bike so you reach your destination faster. Our systems and drives guarantee a safe trip, whether they are installed in an electric trike, rehabilitation bike or wheelchair.

- E-bike systems with customized maxon BIKEDRIVE solutions
- Electric scooters and trikes
- Electric wheelchairs and rehabilitation vehicles

Logistics and robotics

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High-precision, powerful drive systems are required for logistics and robotics applications. Shuttles and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) dash through the rack systems of modern warehouses and assist people in their daily tasks. maxon supplies the right drive systems for these solutions.

- Logistics shuttles
- Mobile and autonomous logistics robots (AGVs)
- Farm robots
- Multi-axis lightweight robots
- Collaborative robots (Cobot)

Maritime applications

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In the deep sea, salt water and high pressures are extremely challenging for mechatronic components. maxon Thrusters are reliable drive systems for autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles (AUVs & ROVs). They are specially designed for this demanding application with diving depths of up to 6000 meters. This modern technology makes it possible to inspect otherwise inaccessible places.

- Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs)
- Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)

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Our expertise

  • Drive solutions from a single source with excellent dynamics, high power density and outstanding efficiency
  • Drive systems and mechatronics modules tailored to customer requirements
  • Programmable controllers with application software developed specifically for the customer
  • Production sites in Europe, Asia and the USA
  • Worldwide support and service from the maxon Group

Popular products

Wheel drive

The maxon wheel drives are designed for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) or other self-driving systems such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), LGVs, etc. Such systems are typically used in logistic applications, agriculture and other field / service robots.


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Robotic drive trains

We offer customized products for industrial robots such as light weight robots (LWR), service robots, collaborative robots (cobots), etc. Our robotic joints, which are sub-assemblies foreseen for OEM integration, consisting of different options like integrated high efficient motors, “0”-backlash gear heads, dual encoder feedback, high resolution absolute encoders, brakes with minimized power consumption, miniaturized position controllers with EtherCAT, torque sensor, etc.


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maxon's EPOS4 is the perfect motor controller for any task, from dynamic positioning to precise velocity control. The CANopen interface allows for smooth integration with maxon drive systems.

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Battery systems

maxon can make any application mobile, from autonomous robots to sporty electric scooters to hand-held devices. With the maxon Battery Management System (BMS), our specially developed battery packs are perfectly matched to drive systems.


Master controllers

Master controllers are the "brain" of a drive system. Precise and lightning fast, they send commands to the individual motor controllers and process data. A wide range of connection and configuration options satisfies virtually any need.

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Our project management team is goal-oriented and driven

Clearly defined procedures with milestones help maxon guarantee a smooth-running project and constant transparency for the customer.


maxon's Mobility Solutions business unit is certified to SN EN ISO 9001 for processes, to SN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management systems, and to UN38.3. for batteries.

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What customers say about us:

Our robots require highly resilient motors that can withstand extremely harsh operating conditions.

Jean-Jacques Topalian, Managing director Shark Robotics


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