Innovation award for motor for extreme conditions.

The 2010 innovation award of the HKZ (Chamber of Commerce of Central Switzerland) went to maxon motor. The company swayed the jury with the new precision motor for extreme conditions, the [maxon EC 22 HD]. This product can withstand 200°C, 100 G and 1,700 bar.

"First and foremost, it was the unique mix of competencies in the fields of electrical technology, mechanical engineering and miniaturization, as well as the use of materials, that convinced us," says Werner Steinegger, head of the jury for the HKZ. With the EC 22 HD (Heavy Duty), maxon motor was the first manufacturer in the world to introduce a standard motor for extremely harsh working conditions. The drive was developed to meet the extraordinarily high requirements of deep drilling technology and opened up new possibilities in many fields of applications where the demands are equally high.
"The fact that maxon motor ag has now received the oldest award of this kind for a second time, after already receiving it in 1996, documents the innovative power of this company" wrote the HKZ in the award announcement.