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Issue 2/2018

Ready for take-off

An ever-increasing number of people has the means of traveling by air. Prices are at a record low, and planes are becoming ever more efficient – in part due to electric drive systems, which increasingly replace the old hydraulic systems. Several hundred drive systems are installed in every modern long-haul airliner these days. In this issue of “driven”, we show you where they are.

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Issue 1/2018

The fruits of research?

Engineers frequently use nature as inspiration when they develop new technology. This is because humans, animals, and plants have evolved over the course of millions of years and are per- fectly adapted to their respective environments. While we seldom manage to copy the proto- types from nature one to one, we are increasingly getting better at it, as the two impressive examples of hand and foot prostheses in this magazine show.

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Issue 2/2017

This is the future!

How startups will change the world.

Many of those who decide to become engineers or technicians want to improve the world through technology. There is no lack of creative ideas and startups are frequently ideal platforms for implementing these ideas. If all fits together, creativity merges with motivation and hard work in these small and flexible companies. Success then becomes only a matter of time.

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Issue 1/2017

Invisible daily helpers

Drive systems accompany us around the clock

Many engineers encounter precision drive system in their jobs – and perhaps you do too. But even if you are not an engineer, you come across our DC motors, gearheads, and controllers on a daily basis. For example, in public transport like trains, buses or planes. Even when you get into an elevator, hidden drives open and close the doors. These invisible helpers seldom are noticed, yet they have become of utmost importance in our everyday activities.

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Issue 2/2016

People. Medicine. Technology.

How we benefit from progress

nnovation is a word that gets used quite a lot. Everybody wants to be innovative – advanced, intelligent, cutting-edge. However, there is no industry where these attributes are a better fit than medical technology. In this field, more than 12,474 new patents were registered in 2015

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Issue 1/2016

The mysteries of the deep

Vessels dive to find wrecks and investigate the underwater world

You might think that exploring the depths of the ocean would be a breeze compared with a mission to Mars, but you’d be wrong. The extremely high pressure and aggressive salt water create major problems for mechatronic components. That’s probably the reason why so few suppliers have been bold enough to venture into this market, despite the fact that there’s so much to discover in the ocean, from historic wrecks and ancient treasure to raw materials and new scientific findings.

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Issue 2/2015

Your friend and …

Robots in the home, in industry and for use in catastrophes

I don’t know about you, but I am astonished by the progress being made in robotics. Machines in industrial operations are becoming more precise and intelligent – they can provide direct assistance to people. At the same time, engineers are developing robots that can carry out tasks independently in catastrophe zones. And in Asia, Pepper is driving everybody crazy. I can well imagine that these social robots will soon be taking over in a lot of households. The demand is already enormous.

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Issue 1/2015

Heading for new worlds

The Moon, the Sun, and Mars in the spotlight

We live in an exciting time where science is exploring some big questions. What is the origin of water? And of life? How did our solar system form? Many clues can be found in space or on other planets. This is why we send out more and more sophisticated

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Issue 2/2014

The operating room of the future

High-tech for health and beauty

Physicians have been improving our health, our looks, and our lifespan for centuries. The difference from earlier times is that today, they have state-of-the-art tools at their disposal, such as surgical robots and precision tools for complex operations. Researchers are even developing a miniature pump to support circulation.

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Issue 1/2014

Revved up

Innovation for road and racetrack

On the racetrack, every turn counts. The same is true for the road. This is one reason why engineers are developing smarter and smarter assistance systems for us drivers. Be it for efficient engine performance, better aerodynamics, or improved safety. This usually requires small, reliable drives that generate a lot of power without taking too much space. In this issue of driven you can read where maxon motors

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Best of 2013

High tech cameras

Lightning fast and legendary

maxon drive systems are used in countless applications; for example in medical technology, aerospace, or the communication sector. These were the focus topics in the three tablet editions of “driven – the maxon motor magazine” in 2013. We compiled the best stories, interviews, and technical reports in a “best of” magazine. Read the interview with robot expert Rob Knight, learn how high-tech cameras shoot high-resolution pictures quick as a flash, be amazed at how, thanks to state of the art prostheses, people learn to walk again, and discover what it would be like to live like a little green man on Mars.

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