• High-precision micro drives since 1961


    maxon is the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drive systems.
    For the past 50 years, we have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality, and innovation.

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  • Medical technology


    Microdrives for pumps, prosthetics, hand-held tools and implantable systems. maxon DC motors are reliable, low-vibration, and sterilizable. They provide all these features yet maintaining high power density and efficiency levels.

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  • Aerospace industry


    Brushed DC and brushless DC motors by maxon are resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. With their long life span, high efficiency  and compact design, the motors are well suited to the needs of applications in the aerospace industry.

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  • Automotive industry


    Electric motors by maxon are efficient, compact and robust. The low costs of the flat brushless DC motors makes them well suited for applications in the automotive industry.

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  • Communication


    DC motors by maxon are precise, robust and efficient. They are free of magnetic cogging torque and, as a result, are ideal for communication applications.

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  • Consumer applications


    Micromotors by maxon are precise and efficient. Their compact design and high performance make them attractive for consumer applications.

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  • Industrial automation and robotics


    Microdrives by maxon are designed to master demanding automation applications. They feature high power density, high torque density, fast acceleration, high efficiency and extremely long operating life cycle.

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  • Inspection and instrumentation


    Mobile devices profit from the low energy consumption of maxon's brushed DC and brushless DC motors. Experience the precision and robustness of maxon drives.

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  • Safety engineering


    The efficiency of maxon DC motors reduces power consumption so that batteries last longer.Precise, fast positioning tasks are easily achieved. The ideal solution for safety engineering.

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