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Intensive exchange across all levels of hierarchy is important to us. This is only possible through transparent information flows and the consideration of the needs of our employees. We discuss not only the day-to-day business, but also the ongoing developments at the company. And, of course, this personal exchange is not a one-way street: We listen and welcome suggestions for improvement.

Career development
As an innovative company in the high-tech sector, we face new challenges every day. High professional competence, career pathing, and professional development are critical resources for approaching and solving these challenges. maxon provides opportunities for education and career development, always geared to achieving our strategic goals.

We provide an environment that encourages you to develop your professional and interpersonal skills, as well as your personal interests.

Workplace health management
maxon protects the health of its employees through preventive measures. The health-promoting behaviour of employees is actively strengthened, supported, and promoted. maxon's occupational health management offers you a competence center for prevention, work integration, ergonomics and targeted cooperation with external partners geared to these needs.
Our environment
maxon has systematically implemented an environmental management system standard in all its corporate processes. Find out more about what we do about sustainability .

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