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Motion control

High-precision synchronization and position of multiple axes and cam control require a powerful controller. The coordination of complicated motion sequences can be easily developed and programmed (with ApossC) on our MACS controllers. In addition, they support various kinematics such as delta or SCARA. Our multi-axis motion controllers can work completely autonomously or be integrated into a higher-level system via CANopen or EtherCAT. The MACS motion controllers are the efficient solution for outsourcing simple or complex motion control tasks (up to 32 axes) from the higher-level controllers. MACS controllers are available with or without integrated power stages. Motor controllers can be integrated directly via EtherCAT or CANopen.


  • MasterMACS: Motion control for up to 32 axes
  • MiniMACS: Reasonably priced controller for 1 to 3 axes
  • MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10: Compact motion controller with integrated power stages
Multi-axis controllers

High-performance multi-axis controllers for the positioning and synchronization of servo and asynchronous motors.


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Motor control

All current, speed, and position controllers are specially designed for DC and EC motors with up to 1,000 watts. With CANopen or EtherCAT, setting up a network is easy. The ESCON 4-Q servo controllers provide power and highly precise speed control for maxon DC and EC motors, in a compact design. For simple speed control applications for EC motors, there are also attractively priced 1-Q servo amplifiers with a modular design available. All amplifiers feature a variety of useful additional functions.

When more than just speed and torque control is required and recurring positioning processes with complex trajectories have to be executed, positioning controllers are the answer. With the EPOS2 and EPOS4 (Easy Positioning System), a modular product series is available for DC and EC motors. MAXPOS is the new addition to the high-performance range of positioning controllers.


Current and speed controllers:

  • 1-quadrant servo controller
  • 4-quadrant servo controller
1-Q-EC Amplifiers

Speed controllers for brushless DC (maxon EC) motors in OEM modular design. Cost-effective, Easy speed-control with Hall sensors up to 250 W.


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Servo controllers for controlling the current and speed of brushed DC and brushless DC (maxon EC) motors. Compact, powerful 4-quadrant PMW servo controllers with analog command signals. Easy to configure.

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Positioning controllers:

  • EPOS2: Easy Positioning System with CANopen interface and Interpolated Position Mode
  • EPOS2 P: The programmable positioning controller with CANopen interface
  • EPOS4: Easy Positioning System with CANopen or EtherCAT interface and CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT)
  • MAXPOS: High-performance positioning controller with EtherCAT interface and CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT)

EPOS (Easy Positioning System) with CANopen or EtherCAT interface and Dual Loop Control.

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Positioning controller for highly dynamic applications. EtherCAT interface, fast controllers, and diverse feedback options for the operation of brushed DC or brushless DC (maxon EC) motors.

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Parvalux | Controllers

Controllers are used to maintain a set motor speed (speed control) or to move to and hold a given position (position control). A feedback device - typically an encoder – provides the necessary actual speed or position information. 


Configure sizes from Ø 42 – 90 mm. 


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