High-precision exhibit with unwavering drive

A rendering of our trade fair booth in Hannover. © maxon

maxon will be present at the Hannover Messe from April 22nd to 26th. In Hall 6, Booth C47, we will not only showcase brand-new products but also demonstrate ceramic applications and our wheel drive. Find out what else visitors can look forward to here. 

The New Catalog: Highlights

Parvalux: Need something a bit larger? 
A notable addition to the catalog is the integration of Parvalux. With products from the English traditional manufacturer, maxon expands the range literally: The robust drives complement maxon's portfolio with larger diameters. This is not only beneficial in door automation, as these drives also excel in applications such as robotics or AGVs, to name just a few. We will introduce you to these systems and show you the possibilities of combining them with maxon products. Create your own unique drive system.

ECX PRIME 16L: Highly dynamic power pack
We are proud to present the new ECX PRIME 16L. With its launch in spring 2024, a second size of the extremely powerful PRIME motor series enters the market. Equipped with ironless windings and 4-pole rotor designs, the brushless PRIME motors exhibit an exceptionally stiff torque-speed behavior, enabling stable control in high-dynamic applications.

EC-Frameless: The offering keeps growing
EC frameless DT 38 S and EC frameless DT 38 M join our most versatile product range for flat motors this year. The EC frameless DT motors are BLDC motor kits with inner rotor technology. Rotor and stator are supplied separately – without bearings and without motor shaft – and connected only during assembly. The flat design, high torques, and ample space for cable routing allow for high integration into your application.

ESCON2 Module 60/30 Servo Controller
The ESCON2 Module 60/30 represents the first variant of the brand-new maxon ESCON2 family of servo controllers. It is a next-generation product featuring constant output power up to 1,800 watts, CAN bus interface, I/O control, and field-oriented control (FOC).


EC_frameless_DT38S © maxon

Other Topics in Focus: Ceramic, Wheeldrive, and Force-Feedback

  • We have been successfully testing high-performance industrial ceramics in our drives for years. Our production facility in Sexau specializes in this material. At the Hannover Messe, you will get an insight into a fascinating technology that is not only extremely powerful but also biodegradable.
  • maxon offers customized drive and control solutions for many applications, including autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous robots (AMRs). See for yourself our compact drives like IDX or the wheeldrive.
  • In many modern applications, the connection between the human operator and the machine is almost exclusively electronic. With our force-feedback solutions, users receive precise feedback, which we demonstrate through our demo.

Visit us from April 22nd to 26th in Hannover and engage with our experts.

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