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A revolution in concealed threat detection.


Radio Physics Solutions (RPS) is a small technology company based on the outskirts of Cambridge, UK. This small, unassuming company works on leading-edge surveillance technology and has already won several awards.

Threat detection at public venues is a serious issue. Current technology methods rely on scanners screening individuals in high traffic areas, corralled in sections, but this requires subjects to physically walk through scanning areas, in turn creating bottlenecks. RPS recently launched its latest fully automated product, Optracon™, which uses multiple sensors mounted remotely to detect concealed mass casualty threats, hidden weapons, explosives and other dangerous objects, at distances of up to 30m.  A true sensor fusion solution, Optracon™ collects data from radar, video analytics, LiDAR, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence to provide a digital understanding of how people group and flow. The technology is small and automatically scans uncontrolled crowded public spaces beyond just an area or building. With an extended perimeter, responders have more time to act.

Motors from maxon enable RPS to take surveillance to the next level. The motor housing in Optracon™ is very particular to the technology. A brushless maxon EC frameless 45mm flat motor drives the barrel and the shaft connected to a mirror. A brushless EC 32mm flat motor with hall sensors rotates the mirror. The barrel creates the essential scanning pattern. The mirror moves in a spiralling motion with varying diameter, and the frameless motor allows the mechanism to move this way without needing a bespoke product.

A brushless maxon EC frameless 45mm flat motor drives the barrel and the shaft

A brushless maxon EC frameless 45mm flat motor drives the barrel and the shaft.

David Leonard, head of engineering at Radio Physics Solutions, said “maxon was the only supplier offering frameless motors in such a convenient way, where a small company like ours, who are really designing from the ground up, can engage directly with the manufacturer. This is invaluable. maxon products come supplied with all required documentation, which is exceptional. You get excellent technical support on the assembly, even sharing the pitfalls. maxon really wanted to make sure we had the right product to achieve what we wanted to achieve. This outstanding customer support, coupled with the performance and accuracy of the product, is exactly what we at Radio Physics were looking for.”


David Leonard, head of engineering, Radio Physics Solutions

The Optracon™ technology is unique to security screening infrastructure and represents a paradigm shift in understanding and responding to concealed threat detection.

Radio Physics Solutions have numerous deployments globally, for applications such as border control and security at governmental and royal facilities.

Author: Karen Whittaker

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