Media Release 4/14/2021

Now available: new DRIVEN magazine and maxon’s product catalog.

The current edition of the DRIVEN magazine

The new issue of driven, the maxon magazine, awaits the reader with fascinating articles about agricultural robotics, drone technology, and cleanrooms. maxon is also releasing the new 2021/2022 product catalog, with over 560 pages of drive systems and new product information such as the EPOS4 Disk positioning controller.  


The current edition of the DRIVEN magazine

DRIVEN magazine for drive technology enthusiasts

We are witnessing the start of a robotic evolution that is sweeping through all aspects of agriculture. This in-cludes drones that monitor fields, spray specific plants, or send information to other robots on the ground that pull-out weeds and harvest fruit. The current edition of driven, the maxon magazine, is dedicated to agriculture and it provides the answers to the questions of where we are and where we are going in automated agriculture.

DRIVEN also looks at an inspiring application for children with walking disabilities, developed by a Canadian company. Additionally, maxon employees tell us about the challenges they faced when the demand for motors in medical devices skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. DRIVEN brings you interviews, application stories and news from the world of drive technology, and is published in three languages. The current edition is now available online and printed copies may be requested, free of charge at


NEW 2021/22 Catalog featuring new products and more

maxon offers a large range of components: from brushed and brushless DC motors to gearheads, encoders, positioning controllers, master controllers, and battery management systems. The 2021/2022 catalog is hot off the press with over 560 pages to explore including maxon’s modular system, data sheets, technical tips and the maxon selection guide. The new catalog is available in a digital version and in print. All information is also avail-able online at

Featured in the latest catalog is the EPOS4 Disk positioning controller, which has a round design with a cen-tered hole. This makes it suitable for robotic applications (e.g., integration into joints). The controller is available in 60 and 90 millimeter sizes, in both CANopen and EtherCAT versions.

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