Drive systems for the automotive industry

For safety and efficiency.

The need for greater safety and the rise of semi-autonomous driving are presenting automotive manufacturers with new challenges. maxon develops electric motors with incredible power density based on highly efficient magnetic circuits. To this end, our range includes integrated position and speed sensors designed and optimized for automotive requirements. 


Swiss automotive technology: small but powerful.

Our motors are found in many areas of a vehicle, such as wind deflectors, or fuel pumps and injection systems. Our components are also used in race cars, where they reduce airborne pollution in exhaust gas aftertreatment, and deliver added comfort and a smooth ride in active suspension control.

Automatable design

Compact and precise

Custom motor manufacturing – from a few thousand up to a million units per year

Used in LiDAR, SCR, adaptive chassis systems, and electrical brakes

Power output ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts


Our drives are IATF certified.

maxon is IATF certified for the development and manufacturing of electric motors and encoders. IATF 16949 focuses on customer-specific requirements aimed at continuous improvement, defect prevention, and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. From the very first sketch, we emphasize a multidisciplinary approach and apply the principles of DFM/DFA. 

Globally recognized by manufacturers in the automotive industry

Based on EN ISO 9001

Our project management process complies with the principles of APQP and best practice in the automotive industry

Valid for all components, assemblies, and parts for the automotive industry, and for the entire supply chain worldwide


Our drive technology supports ASIL requirements.

ISO 26262 is the automotive application standard for functional safety. maxon has extensive experience in system integration, which allows us to support our customers in the development of applications with safety requirements.

Evaluation of complex automotive systems for potential risks due to malfunctions

ASIL-B to D sensors possible

Support for development in compliance with ISO 26262

maxon BLDC motor in 3D and AR.

Discover our BLDC technology in all its details, by dragging the cursor over the drive. 

Open in AR View:

Production sites all over the world.

Development of drives for the automotive industry is centered in our headquarters in Sachseln (Switzerland). However, maxon’s global presence allows us to provide local support to customers all over the world. We organize the manufacture of the drives to harmonize with our customers’ production sites. Depending on the volume, production can take place on manual, semi-automated, or automated lines. 

Engineering and testing facilities. 

Our specialized facilities for motors, magnetic materials, drives and controllers, mechanical integration, gearheads, and sensors can perform configurations and simulations and create physical models. We can carry out the necessary tests in-house or with support from external partners. 


Compact motors from 0.1 W to 5 kW.

Our components qualified for the automotive industry pack maximum power into the smallest of spaces, and we work closely with our customers to adapt them to specific challenges. maxon drives with high-precision sensors are specially developed for automation and designed for operation in extreme environmental conditions. 


Flat and precise with high-resolution encoders.

We develop cost-effective and robust magnetic encoder solutions for our drives. Optical encoders can also be used, as needed. 


  • High-precision bearings
  • No mechanical play
  • Flat design possible
  • Flat cables/connectors compatible with flexprint cables
  • High EMC compliance 
  • The optical RIO encoder provides maximum resolution in a small space
  • The ENX Easy encoder boasts an impressively robust design and high signal quality

Electric drives for mobility solutions

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Frequently asked questions

  • Which applications are maxon automotive products suitable for?

    maxon products use high-quality magnetic materials to achieve extremely compact motors. Our drives are therefore suitable for all applications involving space constraints, high torque, or difficult environmental conditions.

  • Are there COTS products for automotive applications?

    We develop specific solutions according to our customers’ needs. For small quantities, maxon catalog products can be used for initial functional samples. These comply with ISO 9001. 

  • Which products are IATF certified?

    maxon is IATF certified for the development and manufacturing of customized drive components and systems (motor + encoder).


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