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    versatile control modules

    Flexible communication within a mechatronic system

    maxon develops and produces multi-axis control modules for precise positioning and synchronization of drives. These can be quickly integrated into existing systems. We discussed this and other advantages with Fabian Vogel, Managing Director at zub.  
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  • maxon_website_engineers_searching_mechatronic_driveStory

    6 ways the new maxon website enhances your experience

    Complexity is not a foreign concept for maxon, but rather part of our daily business. And because our commitment to quality, precision, and the best service also applies to our website, we continuously optimize user-friendliness. In this story, you will read how we proceeded in the development of the new website.
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  • Trexo Plus tabletmaxon Story

    Walking with a big smile

    Little Luz's eyes light up as she walks for the first time in her life – made possible by Trexo, a walking robot developed especially for children by a Canadian company Trexo Robotics. It is the work of founders Manmeet Maggu (CEO) and Rahul Udasi (CTO), driven by their love of Iron Man and a personal twist of fate.
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  • maxon Inside

    «Quickly switching to crisis mode».

    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of laboratories had to quickly increase their testing capacity in 2020, and acquire additional devices for liquid handling. For maxon, this meant express orders. They were managed with a lot of hard work and close cooperation.
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    maxon motors for better door security.

    Around 5.5 million burglaries are committed worldwide every year – more than ten per minute on average. Using secure doors significantly reduces the risk of a house being broken into. The Spanish company Ruiz López manufactures high-security door systems that make any door burglar-proof. The company relies on motors by maxon for locking and unlocking the security system.
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  • Template DriveTech 1500x1000 cahier des charges projet mecamaxon Inside

    Optimizing your specifications for mechatronics projects.

    An essential prerequisite if you want things to run smoothly, the project specifications define the needs and expectations of the customer. They describe the functions that the product has to perform and indicate the technical requirements and the needs that it has to satisfy. There are two different types of specifications. The technical specifications contain the requirements and constraints, whereas the functional specifications describe how the product solves a problem. Mechatronics projects are no exception to this rule. Beyond the standard information that is routinely provided, here are three key tips for optimizing your specifications.
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  • maxon Story

    Bioreactor Cell Culture Systems for High Cell Density Processes.

    A high precision motor and gearhead are used to control impeller speeds that help to maintain proper oxygen levels inside this highly versatile bioreactor.
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  • Template DriveTech cybathlon smart arm Headermaxon Story

    Smart ArM: Pushing the limits of the human body.

    In view of the Cybathlon 2020, a unique international competition for competitors with disabilities who use bionic assistive technologies, a team of French researchers from the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) in Paris has developed the "Smart ArM". An arm prosthesis designed for transhumeral amputees, i.e. above the elbow. The result of several years of research, the design of this prosthesis represented a real challenge as it involved creating a prosthetic elbow. This article looks back at this technological feat and human adventure.
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  • Expert blog

    1-Q vs. 4-Q controllers

    In this blog, we will discuss the differences between the two types of controllers, as well as what kind of applications are appropriate for each type.
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