What we do

We drive the world.

We develop drives that are among the best in the world. We advance technologies that save human lives on Earth, increase safety in driving and flying, and enable robotic arms to operate in space. In pursuit of these goals, we continuously work towards improving and evolving our drive systems. 

Finding the perfect solution.

By combining brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers, we create highly precise mechatronic drive systems. As a high-tech company, we are active worldwide in the fields of medical technology, aerospace, robotics, mobility solutions, and automated industrial applications.

  • 1729


    are produced by us per working hour. That is 5 690 609 units per year.

  • CHF



    was invested into our research and development in 2021.

  • 125

    light minutes

    away from Earth our motors function seamlessly on Mars.

What sets us apart.

  • Mission

    Our goal is to continuously develop better drive systems and become the digital market leader for customized drive technologies and services. Our focus is on tailoring our products, systems, and services to meet the needs of both today's and tomorrow's industry.

  • Taking action

    We take unconventional paths and foster new ideas. At the same time, we are mindful of our responsibility: We minimize our impact on the environment and resources, recycle valuable raw materials, and develop solutions that bring sustainable progress for all.

  • Promise to our customers

    Uncompromising quality, pioneering innovation, and cost-effectiveness. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop high-precision drive systems at competitive prices. We will not be satisfied until we have found the perfect drive solution for any application. 

Thomas A. Edison

“There's a way to do it better – find it!”


Research & development.

We are driven by progress. Our research and development teams tackle the most complex challenges in drive technology. We are certain that we can improve even what seems to be perfect – over and over again. We invest approximately 8% of our annual revenue each year to translate the latest research into viable solutions.
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Tested thousands of times.

We have our own test laboratories where maxon drive systems undergo rigorous testing. We test components for high vibrations, extreme temperatures, pressure loads, intense g-forces, and impact loads, to mention a few.


Finding the perfect drive solution together.

We pursue a collaborative approach in everything we do. We work with world market leaders, universities, and colleges around the globe as well as with innovative start-ups. In this, transparency and ongoing communication are paramount. Our collaborations contribute to ensuring that maxon drive systems meet the requirements of the latest technologies. Customer and market needs are always our guiding principles. If the combination of standard components does not yield the desired result, we develop custom versions, modify our products, or create a new drive system. 


Our project management.

Drawing on our 60 years of experience, we apply our project management expertise to meet the unique demands of complex applications.  
In the maxon development teams, experienced engineers and technicians work to support our customers from the specification phase to production launch and beyond. We guarantee continuous transparency, flexibility, and proactive information flow.  

Feasibility study
Concept phase
Rapid prototyping
Integration phase
Start of production

Together with the customer, the maxon team develops a comprehensive range of solutions. Through research and technical clarification, the most efficient and cost-effective option is promptly assessed, and a project organization is established. 



Our solutions.

The perfect solution for each market segment: Experience our latest drives for drones, robots, or laboratories in the Keynote.

Vinyl3maxon Innovation

Vinyl is back in fashion.

For many, the sound experience of listening to good music has gone back to the days of putting on records. With high-end specialists like Clearaudio innovating to deliver top playback quality, vinyl is back in fashion. And a tracking problem has been solved too – with a ceramic shaft from maxon.
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maxon fait passer les moteurs dc 1500x1000maxon Innovation

Brushed DC motors for higher temperatures.

Motors capable of operating at high ambient temperatures are nothing new to maxon. The HD (Heavy Duty) brushless DC motor range, developed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 200⁰C, has been on the market for over a decade. Until now, these temperatures were exclusively the domain of brushless motors; maxon has now changed that with the new HT (High Temperature) brushed DC motor.
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paravalux1maxon inside

Our objective from the beginning: net zero

Combining the three production facilities and offices at a single location and bringing together all the employees into one big Parvalux family – this was the impetus for the new headquarters of Parvalux, a company acquired by the maxon Group in 2018. However, the new building ended up being so much more: namely a statement on sustainability. Doug Sheppard, Managing Director of Parvalux, on energy-efficient materials, renewable energies, and the value of having one’s own garden.
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