Progress is what drives us.

Our goal is to make the world a better place through innovation and technology. Searching for new drive solutions has been a cornerstone of our work for over 60 years. We think beyond what already exists and anticipate future needs.

Core technologies

The foundation for our success.

maxon constantly pushes the boundaries of what is technologically possible. To this end, we make targeted investments in research and innovation. We develop products that significantly enhance the quality of life for our fellow human beings, advance science, and protect our planet.

Our core technologies are based on 60 years of experience in combining mechanical micro-components and electrical systems for generating, controlling, and transmitting motion. Through our expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, and material science, our drives are ready for use in a new era of technology.

Design and optimization of mechatronic systems

Winding technology

Standard and special gearheads

Electronics and systems technology

Encoder technology


Installation and automation technology

Injection molding processes for plastics as well as ceramic and metal powder


Research & Development.

Technical development only makes sense when it serves a specific purpose: Our research improves our products. And our products improve the world. 

We invest around 8% of our annual revenue in our global R&D network. More than 350 employees propel the advancement and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies, thereby bolstering maxon’s innovation strength and readiness for the future. Our research efforts are centered around various topics, such as mechatronics, control electronics and software, sensors, and materials.

In Switzerland, our focus is on motors, encoders, and motion control; in Germany, it is on gearheads; and in Korea, it is on high-torque motors with slotted stators. Furthermore, we have regional R&D centers in China, the Netherlands, North America, and France, where we develop drive solutions directly for our customers.


Tested thousands of times.

We have our own test laboratories where maxon drive systems undergo rigorous testing. We test components for high vibrations, extreme temperatures, pressure loads, intense g-forces, and impact loads, to mention a few.
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“Of course, there are other motors, but they have not been to Mars.”

Strategic partnerships

ANYbotics & maxon

ANYbotics is a spin-off company from ETH Zurich, founded in 2016, and has been one of our strategic partners since 2020. maxon supplies the drive modules for the autonomous inspection robot ANYmal, which can inspect and monitor industrial facilities or perform hazardous maintenance tasks. Each robot is equipped with twelve maxon drive modules. 


Share your vision.

Our Young Engineers Program (YEP) empowers young talents to turn innovative ideas into reality. We support exceptional projects with components for motors, gearheads, and controllers as well as the technical know-how of our experts.

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Women in engineering

“Having a boring job would be the worst.”

Noëlle Bracher specialized in exoskeletons for the rehabilitation of people with disorders of the nervous system, such as paraplegia and strokes, during her studies in medical technology at ETH Zurich. For her master's thesis, she developed a prototype for treating nerve-related pain in individuals with amputations by using virtual reality and sensory feedback from electrical nerve stimulation. Today, Noëlle works as a quality engineer in our medical technology unit.

Innovation labs

Taking ideas to the next level.

The maxon innovation labs act as incubators for emerging technologies. We collaborate with leading universities to provide students and young engineers with a platform where new ideas can be transformed into functional products. 
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maxon Innovation Lab EPFL

Directly located on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), maxon Innovation Lab integrates into the local ecosystem of laboratories, start-ups, major corporations, and organizations dedicated to fostering innovation. It serves as a training platform for students and provides opportunities for master's projects. 

maxon Innovation Lab in Horw

The lab located on the Horw campus of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences offers application-oriented research and development in the fields of mechatronics, robotics, and embedded systems.  

maxon International Technology AG in Zurich

Our competence center for robotic drive systems, situated in the heart of Zurich, provides employees and interns with an ideal environment and an innovation network connecting universities, institutes, and start-ups. 


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