Who we are

We love electric drives.

We are a team. We work in various disciplines but with a common goal - to make exceptional drive technology even better. We turn ideas into sustainable and viable solutions and help our customers to move the world forward.

Pushing the limits with curiosity and precision.

There is something that everyone at maxon has in common. We believe that technology can make the world better for everyone. That is why we motivate each other to surpass boundaries and achieve ambitious goals. 

  • 3200

    Experts from various disciplines.

  • In over


    Countries, maxon has a presence.

  • 707.7


    in revenue was generated in 2022 as a team.

Our values.

Our principles are the driving force behind our success. They are our compass for everything we do and how we do it.


Exceptional technology requires an exceptional team. Our future-oriented, collaborative team culture consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our diverse experiences, knowledge, and perspectives make us who we are. 


We approach the world and our work with optimism and great curiosity. Our dedication and ambition set us apart - we attend to every detail, no matter how small, and tackle even the most complex topics. We listen to other opinions, challenge the status quo, and eagerly embrace opportunities for learning. 


Our work is inspiring, often groundbreaking, and our goals are ambitious. In everything we do, we strive to be the best in the world. We refuse to be bound by the limits of what others deem possible or impossible. Instead, we aim to redefine the limits of technology and precision together, to develop next-generation drive systems.

Customer focus

We understand the needs of our customers, tailor our products to meet their requirements, and provide customized drive technologies and services. We are continuously searching for the best way to apply our technical breakthroughs to real-life challenges. Efficient processes and high productivity ensure the best possible quality for our customers.


We are convinced that the foundation of successful cooperation is trust. Introducing cutting-edge technology to the world carries significant responsibility. When it comes to quality, we never take shortcuts. We respect international norms and standards, conduct thorough testing, and ensure transparency. Ethical and environmental considerations are taken into account in all aspects of our work.


We keep our promises. Our customers expect and trust Swiss quality, and we provide it to them worldwide. As a privately held company, we are independent and can make quick decisions that prioritize uncompromising quality and operational excellence. 



A history of modest revolutionaries.

Our film, “Dear little razor,” chronicles the captivating journey of maxon drives from the heart of Switzerland to Mars.


From the Earth's core to outer space.

Through an exceptionally high level of technical innovation, we constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. Our drive systems propel rovers on Mars, unmanned aerial objects, and machinery operating 5,000 meters underground.
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People at maxon

In a time when the world is changing faster than ever before, we rely on one constant – our employees. We are an international team of highly dedicated individuals. Together, we advance maxon day by day.


Juyeong Kim

is a test engineer in South Korea who is enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology that makes life easier. If you want to watch over his shoulder while he is working, you should, however, bring ear protection and gloves. To test the quality of our drives under all conditions, he has to simulate extremes – for example, severe cold and blasting heat.


Ildikó Ráczné Ordasi

is an operator who makes rotors for precision DC motors in Veszprém, Hungary. She sees the need for quick and absolute precision in her work not as a challenge but rather as a fascination, as her motors are used in medical applications, industrial automation, automobiles, aircraft, and in robotics.


Robin Phillips

is the head of our Space Lab and pushes the boundaries with his team. With his team, he developed the key idea for the brushless drive that is now used in NASA’s Perseverance rover. He takes pride in seeing maxon drives embark on space expeditions, and in the fact that customers from various fields, such as medicine, benefit from the accumulated knowledge derived from the aerospace industry.


Albane Lloqanaj

is part of the production team working in the maxon clean room. The job offers a great deal of variety, but is also highly demanding. The sterile environment not only places high demands on the ventilation system but also on the equipment and, most importantly, on the personnel. Special training and utmost discipline are required to work in this environment. The work attire is vacuum-sealed and provided by a clean-room laundry service, and hygiene masks, hairnets, gloves, and antistatic shoes are mandatory. Furthermore, one must refrain from unconsciously touching their face, so that gloves can be promptly disinfected.


Sumit Thomas

is the head of procurement projects and an expert in supply chain management, always seeing potential for improvement. It is important to him to interact, learn, and collaborate with people across the entire value chain to determine the added value we can offer to our customers.



From Switzerland to the world.

We are 3200 colleagues worldwide. For us, exchange and good collaboration between our headquarters in Switzerland and our 41 locations around the world are essential. We are well-connected with each other, close to the customer, and able to not only structure important areas, such as sales and in-house production on three continents, but also organize assembly regionally.

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