Drives for pumps and medication delivery

When microliters matter.

The medical technology sector needs devices that can deliver vital medicines with pinpoint accuracy. Compact and reliable maxon drives in combination with quiet gearheads and encoders ensure maximum precision in pumps and medication delivery systems.

Drives for pumps and medication delivery

Swissness down to the smallest detail.

Whether a few milliliters per hour or a whole liter, medication delivery via infusion pumps must be absolutely precise, reliable, and uniform. maxon drives are used by leading manufacturers in syringe pumps or peristaltic pumps.

Linear characteristic, excellent control properties

High performance and excellent power density

Highly efficient motors with low heat build-up

Low vibration and noise emissions

Minimal electromagnetic interference

Long service life


maxon has SN EN ISO 13485 certification.

Our drive solutions for medical pumps and medication delivery systems can be implemented based on customer specifications in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485. Production sites selected for this market segment also have SN EN ISO 13485 certification.

Manufacture of medical devices minimizes potential risks to patients

Traceability of processes and raw materials is guaranteed

Motors and drives can be certified in accordance with UL or CSA standards


Our drive solutions for pumps and delivery systems.


Pumps for medication delivery

Compact and reliable DC motors combined with quiet gearheads and encoders reliably inject precise quantities of vital medicines such as insulin into the body. The high efficiency and reliability of maxon drives also ensures that the pump systems can be operated with conventional batteries for longer periods of time.


    Dialysis pumps

    Previously, patients requiring dialysis usually had to go to a clinic to be connected to a machine weighing more than 100 kilograms. And they had to do this for several hours, several times a week. Drive systems from maxon with a specially developed belt drive could help make regular dialysis treatment much easier for patients in the future. This is because miniaturized components are required for portable dialysis machines and backpack versions. These must be extremely powerful and at the same time as quiet as possible so that their use has a minimal impact on everyday life.


      Peristaltic pumps

      For peristaltic pumps used in medical technology and life sciences, we supplement motors made from maxon standard components with custom-made gearheads to create an application-specific system solution. Fluid can thus be transported with a high level of accuracy and without cross-contamination, and the peristaltic pump systems offer an impressively long service life and outstanding performance.

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        Every project needs new ideas.

        That’s why maxon drives are configurable. Our drive technology is used successfully in demanding medical applications worldwide. Our range includes standard solutions for medical technology, which can also be adapted to the requirements of specific projects.

        Drive solutions for medical technology

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