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    versatile control modules

    Flexible communication within a mechatronic system

    maxon develops and produces multi-axis control modules for precise positioning and synchronization of drives. These can be quickly integrated into existing systems. We discussed this and other advantages with Fabian Vogel, Managing Director at zub.  
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  • Robots enhance upper limb therapy for patients with neurological conditions

    Robotics has the potential to provide therapy to people with neurological disorders, assisting clinicians and potentially improving the care outcome. Human Robotix, a start-up formed by a team of academic researchers, has developed a robot that can provide assessment and therapy of the wrist, elbow, and ankle. Early results suggest a positive response for people with conditions such as stroke and cerebral palsy. To provide the robot’s drive system, Human Robotix has partnered with maxon.    
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    The growth of modular robots and the importance of drive train design

    For lightweight robots, modular designs are increasingly popular thanks to the flexible deployment they enable for specialised tasks. This is also enhancing the potential for system integrators and end users to develop their own robots. As part of an in-house robot build, optimising the design of the drive train that powers and controls each robot joint is vital to the robot’s performance. The most effective way of achieving this is by developing the drive train as a complete module, and this approach can also improve the efficiency of robot development overall.    
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    6 ways the new maxon website enhances your experience

    Complexity is not a foreign concept for maxon, but rather part of our daily business. And because our commitment to quality, precision, and the best service also applies to our website, we continuously optimize user-friendliness. In this story, you will read how we proceeded in the development of the new website.
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  • 1_(c)-Truma_Mover-sind-batteriebetriebene-Rangierhilfen_2400x1600maxon Story

    Get more out of your camping trip with Mover.

    Out and about with a camper trailer – for many this is their travel dream come true, if only parking the caravan was easier. With the maneuvering systems from Truma, this task can be carried out comfortably using a remote control. For the maneuvering systems to be able to take the load, Truma installed electric drive systems from Parvalux.Imagine a holiday close to nature, in your own bed, your personal comforts at hand, and the feeling of being free. If you have ever traveled in a camper trailer, you likely never want to travel any other way again. In 2021, the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, recorded around 78,000 new travel trailer registrations (excluding motor homes) in Europe alone, globally as many as 670,000 – an increase of 34.6 percent. Traveling with a camper trailer is a major trend.QUOTE01-Get more out of your camping trip with Mover
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    The right controller for your motor

    Robotics and automation call for increasingly precise control engineering. Daniel Hug, Product Manager for Electronics and Systems Technology at maxon, explains what a good motor controller has to be able to achieve today.
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  • Solar_Orbiter_artist_impression_ESAmaxon Story

    Journey to the sun.

    In February 2020, Solar Orbiter started its mission to provide scientists with new data about the Sun. Swiss research and engineering have played a significant role in the construction of the space probe – including drives from maxon.
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  • Expert blog

    DC motors at high temperatures.

    Those familiar with the maxon catalog and technical specifications will have noticed that maximum ambient and winding temperatures are specified for our motors. The majority of DC motors have a maximum ambient temperature between 85⁰C and 100⁰C, and a maximum winding temperature between 100⁰C and 125⁰C. Why is this?
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  • Mars Helicopter Labmaxon Story

    "We will get incredibly valuable data”

    For the first time, a helicopter will take off from the surface of Mars. Aerospace engineer Matt Keennon explains how this impossible mission became a reality.
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