Drive systems for logistics

For intelligent logistics robots.

Whether moving or packing goods, preparing orders, or managing stocks, autonomous mobile robots can perform many tasks today in the field of logistics, thanks to powerful electric motors, sensors, and networking with fleet management. maxon provides a single source for complete drive systems for such shuttles and AGVs.

Logistics drives

For greater efficiency in the supply chain.

The logistics sector is booming, and with that comes the need for faster order processing. maxon motors, gearheads, and controllers perform a variety of tasks in autonomous vehicles and logistics robots. Our drive-systems meet the high demand for precision, dynamics and service live as well as the latest standards for this market. 

Compact design

High efficiency to maximize operation time

Modular range for perfect adaptability

Gearheads for high radial loads

High reliability

Micromotors are automating logistics.

Drive systems need to be able to execute positioning tasks with precision and carry out motion sequences reliably. They need to do this in narrow spaces and, ideally, in continuous operation around the clock to avoid downtime. A powerful yet compact motor is therefore essential to increase efficiency in the logistics chain.

The BLDC motors from maxon are characterized by high power and a long service life.

Find the perfect solution with the modular principle. 

Not all AGVs have the same job. Some need to transport loads of 1 ton or more, others to lift loads of around 10 kg. Some travel in a straight line, others need an integrated steering function. The requirements for the drive vary depending on the application, so a modular structure is fundamental. maxon offers you the freedom of online configuration of the motor type, nominal power, electronics,  motor IP rating, brakes, and encoders.

Online shop

For us, a batch size of 1 is standard.

For optimum performance in logistics, the maxon e-shop allows our customers to combine a motor, gearhead, and encoder into a specific drive and order it directly online. Prices are displayed in real time, and design files in both 2D and 3D can be downloaded as soon as the configuration is complete. The digital model can immediately be integrated into the customer’s application, and the drives are delivered in a very short time.

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Our product recommendations.

Wheel drives from maxon are a compact, efficient solution for AGVs and autonomous vehicles in intralogistics and outdoor applications. Precision control and speed guarantee system stability.


Wheel Drive 100


  • Payload per drive ≤100 kg
  • Configurable motor and wheel size

Wheel Drive 500


  • Payload per Drive ≤ 500 kg
  • Integrated holding brake
  • IP65 certified

Custom Wheel Drives


  • Perfectly matched system components
  • Installation space optimized
  • Cost efficient

We offer programmable controllers with custom-developed application software.



  • Compact and programmable multi-axis controller
  • Controls up to six axes autonomously
    BLE interface (optional) 



  • Programmable, cost-effective multi-axis controller
  • Controls up to three axes autonomously
  • CAN, Ethernet, and USB interface

MiniMACS6 amp


  • Fully programmable multi-axis position controller
  • Included amplifier available
  • Control up to 4 motors

Drive systems for transportation and logistics

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Autonomous shuttles for green logistics.

Austrian company YLOG Industry Solutions builds shuttles for transporting containers in industrial, manufacturing, and logistics companies. The YLOG shuttles help to cut energy costs and optimize the use of space in the warehouse. The integrated maxon drives ensure that the free-moving shuttles are driven with precision.

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