maxon Young Engineers Program

Moving tomorrow’s world together.

The maxon Young Engineers Program, or YEP for short, is aimed at innovative projects based on scientific research and technological breakthroughs. With YEP, we are redefining the possible and bring visionary ideas to life.

Confronting global challenges with engineering excellence.

With YEP, maxon has created an international platform for students at colleges and universities all over the world. The program merges different disciplines, brings together theory and practical implementation, combines innovations in both software, and hardware and creates cooperation between science, and industry. As a global enterprise, we have the resources, and motivation to help every idea reach its maximum potential.

YEP Story

Pioneers in the field of aerial robotics.

As part of a focus project at ETH Zürich, eight Bachelor students built a flying gripper that can hover in any orientation and grasp objects. The drone is even more agile than a quadcopter, and is intended to help flight robotics reach new heights.

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“Today’s students are tomorrow’s industry experts. What could be better than motivating them to think really big!”

Visions. Missions. Challenges.

Who is it for?

Students in the fields of mechanical engineering and robotics, engineering teams, and young talents with extraordinary ideas, and innovative start-ups. 

What is it for?

Extraordinarily innovative projects in the field of drive technology for aerospace, mobility, intralogistics, medical technology, and industrial automation.

Focus of YEP

Outstanding engineering, excellent science, global challenges, sustainability, and competitiveness.

YEP application

Tell us about your idea.

We invite students from all over the world to be innovative and help solve current challenges in drive technology in the fields of medical technology, aerospace, industry, and mobility. The most visionary, forward-looking, and scientifically valuable projects are selected for product discounts and technical expert support.

How the application process works:

Fill out the online form and upload your project documentation

We review your applications at our headquarters in Switzerland, sometimes with the assistance of maxon teams in the USA or Asia.

We let you know whether and to what extent your project will be supported by YEP.


maxon YEP projects.

A lot of support for big ideas. Flying robots, sustainable harvesting machines, factories on the moon, and exoskeletons – YEP has made it its mission to foster engineering talent all over the world. Here you will find a selection of dedicated projects, in which young talents apply their specialist knowledge and expertise to make the world a better place.

  • maxon Story

    Robots enhance upper limb therapy for patients with neurological conditions

    Robotics has the potential to provide therapy to people with neurological disorders, assisting clinicians and potentially improving the care outcome. Human Robotix, a start-up formed by a team of academic researchers, has developed a robot that can provide assessment and therapy of the wrist, elbow, and ankle. Early results suggest a positive response for people with conditions such as stroke and cerebral palsy. To provide the robot’s drive system, Human Robotix has partnered with maxon.    
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  • DSC00075_2Young Engineers Program

    Stepping it up a notch.

    Stairs are still unsurmountable obstacles for many robots. Yet a young team at ETH Zurich is building a vehicle designed to negotiate steps with ease – by hopping.
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  • RWS transparentYoung Engineers Program

    Active rear wheel steering

    What is it all about?
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  • Template 1500x1000 Flybotics 1Young Engineers Program

    maxon UAV drive for Flybotix

    Drive specialist maxon has collaborated with drone startup Flybotix, specialist in drone design, to develop performance-optimized BLDC motors for a new kind of inspection drone. With the know-how gained from this and other projects, maxon is making inroads into the new UAV market, where the reliability and quality of components are becoming more important.
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  • DriveTech Water PollutionYoung Engineers Program

    Predicting future changes in water quality.

    As the impact of climate change and land use continue to harm aquatic environments, it is becoming increasingly important to measure and monitor changes in water quality. When Dublin City University (DCU) Water Institute was developing its new mobile lab technology to help predict future changes in water quality, it turned to precision drive and motor specialist, maxon for help.
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  • robot_hand_1Young Engineers Program

    Agile collaborative robot

    Canadian researchers at Université Laval develop a novel collaborative robot that can match human agility.
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YEP milestones

We put innovations into practice.

YEP offers young engineers the opportunity to carry out projects for visionary drive technologies. When projects are selected for technical support, maxon’s experts are on hand to supply the teams with their in-depth knowledge and experience. They make sure that the teams consider not only the scientific and technical significance of an idea, but also its strategic feasibility and the long-term market perspectives of a development.

Typical milestones:

Kick-off event

First design review

First prototype with maxon products

Final design verification

Prototype can be tested in maxon laboratories

Readiness review

Field test