Drive systems for industrial automation

Ready for the future.

Electric drives are a key technology for the performance of machines, robots, and power tools. For state-of-the-art drive technology in industrial automation and robotics, maxon not only offers individual components but also complete, turnkey mechatronic drive systems. Perfectly matched to each other, scalable, and economical. 

  • Around


    experts worldwide are working on the development of our drive components for industrial automation. 

  • Almost



    is the resolution for the stroke of our smallest micro linear drives for the semiconductor industry.

  • Over



    drives produced per year for industrial automation.

Configurator & shop

For us, a batch size of 1 is nothing out of the ordinary.

In the spirit of Industry 4.0, the maxon online configurator allows our customers to combine a motor, gearhead, and encoder into a specific drive and send the order directly to production. Prices are displayed in real time, and once the configuration is complete, 2D as well as 3D engineering data can be accessed directly. The digital model can immediately be integrated into the customer’s application. The delivery time for configurable products is usually 11 days.

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Our drives have SN EN ISO 9001 & SN EN ISO 14001 certification.

In industrial automation, precision, consistent quality, and safety are crucial. Our products meet these requirements without difficulty, and are absolutely reliable even under the most difficult conditions. From the customer’s specification to the finished product, we are always focused on supplying the highest quality. As a leading supplier:

We meet all regulatory requirements for the required quality management system

We meet the international quality standard for the certified environmental management system

We have our own test laboratory for simulating extreme conditions

We commit to a process of continuous innovation and improvement

We submit to annual regulatory and customer-specific audits.

Electric drives for industrial automation

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Get an initial overview of the possible applications in process automation and learn more about our key product series for industry and robotics.

You will also find more brochures on the pages for lab automation, the oil and gas industry, the semiconductor industry, and measuring technology. 

Project management

Successful collaboration needs strong partners.

In our project management, we apply our 60 years of experience to the individual requirements of complex industrial applications.   

maxon’s interdisciplinary development teams are made up of experienced engineers and technicians, who support our customers from the specification phase to the start of production and beyond. We guarantee constant transparency, flexibility, and a proactive information flow. 

Pilot series
Series production

The maxon team works with the customer to develop a comprehensive solution pathway. Through research and consideration of multiple alternative technical implementations, the most efficient and cost-effective variant is assessed in a short period of time. 

Industry 4.0 requires drives, controllers, and sensors to be connected to form efficient systems. We support our customers as a reliable partner by prioritizing process reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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Success stories

Industry 4.0 and complex robotics applications require a consistently high degree of innovation. maxon supplies custom solutions which are ready for the future of industry.
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6_maxon_3_2_15maxon Story

Run, dino, run…

A dinosaur on a treadmill isn't something you see every day – unless you happen to be at the Korean KAIST Institute Laboratory. Researchers there have developed a robot that can run at speeds of up to 46 km/h, using brushless high-performance DC motors by maxon.
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Kota 33 1500x1000

Shrink wrap packaging system.

Industrial automation is becoming increasingly necessary for industries. The agri-food sector is one of the industries making this transition. A Turkish company designs machines to automate this industry, using systems driven by Varvel gear motors, which are available in the MDP range for delivery within 48 hours.
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Pocket Delta_Asyril_pick&place_1maxon Story

Pocket-sized Delta robots.

Today, various microassembly tasks present ever greater challenges to drive technology. Whereas the microcomponents and systems are continuously getting smaller, the development of production systems in macroscopic dimensions is frequently left behind. A Swiss company has revolutionized the market with an entire product family of Delta robots. Strong maxon motors ensure high-precision dynamic movements.
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Frequently asked questions

  • How does maxon ensure that the data given in the catalog will be achieved?

    The development process for every product includes validation of the motor or gearhead data. In our in-house laboratory, new products undergo extensive testing. This is how we ensure that the electrical and mechanical specifications will be met. 

  • Can maxon simulate the thermal behavior at a specific operating point or in a specific cycle?

    Yes, we can determine the behavior for each motor with simulations or calculations.

  • Does maxon produce custom controllers in addition to the catalog range?

    Yes. maxon has a large team of development engineers working on controllers. We have all the necessary know-how from design to prototyping in-house, and therefore are able to respond flexibly to special customer requirements.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity for configurable motors or gearheads?

    No, configurable products or products with standard modifications from the maxon catalog can be ordered in any quantity. For more complex configurations, the minimum order quantity is three units.


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