New, ultra-compact multi-axis motion controller for robot applications

maxon has released an ultra-compact, programmable multi-axis motion controller for up to six axes. The new maxon MicroMACS6 master controller provides high performance motion control in a package just 55mm long, enhancing embedded design integration for robot and machine builders. Integration flexibility is achieved with communications interface options including USB, CANopen, and EtherCAT. 

The MicroMACS6 motion controller is designed for embedded integration in kinematic applications, such as Delta, SCARA, and lightweight robots. Compact size and weight make the motion controller advantageous for mobile robots, including AGVs (automated guided vehicles) as well. Multi-axis motion control means that MicroMACS6 can also enhance productivity and efficiency for machines and systems such as pick and place applications. 

The MicroMACS6 master motion controller achieves multi-axis coordination as a kinematics group, or it can programme and control axes individually.  MicroMACS6 can control up to six motor controllers, including a combination of maxon EPOS4 position controllers and maxon ESCON speed controllers. The controller features a range of motion functions, such as path generator with sinusoidal/trapezoidal profiles, position and velocity control feed forward, as well as position marker/touch probe. 

The new maxon MicroMACS6 master controller

The motion controller enables versatile device integration thanks to its I/O array, including six digital inputs with free programmable functionality. In addition, MicroMACS6 features two, free programable analogue inputs with a 12-bit resolution, operating within a range of 0 to +10V and at a frequency of 1kHz, providing precise signal control. The motion controller hosts four digital outputs with free programmable functionality, including a 25kHz PWM capability that can control devices such as maxon ESCON speed controllers. MicroMACS6 also includes a DIP switch to configure Node ID, as well as CAN Bus Termination settings, ensuring seamless communications connections. 

Providing flexible network integration, as well as connectivity to a range of peripheral devices, MicroMACS6 supports various communications options, including a full speed USB interface. MicroMACS6 supports the CANopen protocol, functioning as both a master and slave, and complies with CiA 301 CANopen application layer and CiA 402 motion control profiles. The motion controller also offers compatibility with EtherCAT via Ethernet.
Highly compact dimensions enhance ease of design integration, while the motion controller’s minimal weight optimises performance and efficiency for applications that require low mass. MicroMACS6 weighs just 26g and measures 21mm high, 40mm wide, and 55mm long. Fast installation is achieved via two, M2.5 screw mounting points.
OEMs can achieve fast and straightforward programming via universal languages including MS Visual C# and MS Visual C++, as well as maxon’s simple to use ApossC_SDK language. For commissioning and management, maxon’s intuitive ApossIDE installation software enables rapid set-up and use. MicroMACS6 is compatible with Windows 10 and 7 operating systems, and provides access to Windows DLL for PC in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
MicroMACS6 can be used in demanding environments, and durable design ensures reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 55°C, as well as humidity as high as 90%.
The controller operates with a logic supply voltage minimum 8V and maximum 28V.

The new multi-axis motion controller can also be combined with a maxon compact drive, achieving a complete motion control system that optimises precision and efficiency. maxon specialises in the development of motor position and speed controllers, as well as DC and brushless DC motors, gearheads, and sensors. The company’s engineers also provide bespoke compact drive system design, specific to application requirements.
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