maxon presents new product highlights and expanded catalog for 2024/25


With the introduction of our latest products and the expansion of the catalog for the year 2024/25, maxon once again emphasizes its claim to provide the right drive for every application. Browse through the the online version or order your freshly printed version.

Here's a sneak peek at the new additions:


Products from Parvalux integrated
By adding Parvalux's durable angular gearheads, maxon is expanding its portfolio. These gearheads are not only suitable for door automation but also for applications such as conveyor systems or AGVs and can be combined with motors from the IDX, EC-i, and EC flat series. The worm gear technology enables high torque and impressive power density, making them particularly suitable for the mentioned applications.


ECX PRIME 16L: High-Dynamic Powerhouse
maxon is proud to introduce the new ECX PRIME 16L. This second size in the incredibly powerful ECX PRIME motor series is a true powerhouse. Equipped with ironless windings and 4-pole rotor designs, the brushless PRIME motors exhibit an exceptionally rigid torque-speed behavior, facilitating very stable control in highly dynamic applications.


EC frameless: The Offering Keeps Growing
With the new EC frameless DT 38 S and EC frameless DT 38 M, maxon expands its range of versatile flat motors. These BLDC motor kits with internal rotor technology offer a flat design, high torques, and plenty of space for cable penetrations, allowing for high integration into any application.


TSX 40 MAG and TSX 40 RIO: Encoder Innovations for Demanding Applications
maxon introduces two encoders in new sizes: The TSX 40 RIO offers incremental and absolute functionality for precise speed and position control. The TSX 40 MAG is particularly suited for demanding applications such as robotics, automation systems, and high-performance machinery, thanks to its incremental function and additional commutation signal.


ESCON2 Compact 60/30 Servo Controller: Compact Power 
The ESCON2 Compact 60/30 represents the first variant of the brand-new maxon ESCON2 product line of servo controllers. As a next-generation product, it offers a constant output power of up to 1,800 watts, a CAN bus interface, I/O functionalities, and field-oriented control (FOC).

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