Media Release 5/2/2022

Highlights from the new maxon product catalog.


The arrival of spring also marks the release of maxon’s 2022/2023 catalog, with 592 pages and the latest in drive technology. One of the highlights? A radiation-resistant GAMA encoder.



Typically you can see latest catalog and product developments at the Hannover Messe, which is taking place from May 30 to June 2, 2022, unfortunately maxon will not be exhibiting at this year’s event, but we look forward to exhibiting again in the future.

New product for radiation-affected environments

The ENX GAMA is a magnetic 2-channel encoder and is available in 10 mm and 13 mm sizes. It replaces the existing MEnc encoders and has been developed for radiation-affected environments. It is resistant to ionizing radiation and can withstand a dose of up to 500 krad (SIO 2). This means that the GAMA encoders can be used in applications like radiotherapy devices (multileaf collimators, MLC). The axially arranged connecting cable is designed as a single-cable system and simultaneously integrates the motor cables of the installed DC motor. This single-cable solution permits compact and space-saving installation.

A new addition to the EC frameless DT series

With the EC frameless DT, maxon presents a solution that really packs a punch: The brushless motors with their frameless design can be integrated into a wide range of applications easily. They show their strength in applications that have highly dynamic requirements such as torque and power density. maxon is expanding the series with the new EC frameless DT50S motor – a shortened version of the DT50M. The new version, which has been optimized to have even higher power density, provides first-class heat dissipation, and includes inte-grated temperature sensors that enable high-precision temperature monitoring.

The TSX-MAG encoder completes the EC frameless DT50. It is a through-shaft encoder that is not installed directly on the motor axis (off-axis installation). The encoder generates both Hall and incremental signals, which makes it an optimal signal transmitter for precision positioning tasks.

Product addition in the IDX program

Our experience with the IDX 56 has shown that there is strong market demand for even more powerful drives and motors – especially for applications in industrial or in intralogistics. The new IDX 70 meets these needs while having a compact size. With a nominal torque of up to 3.75 Nm and nominal power of 954 W, it sets new benchmarks at maxon and beyond – the compact size of this drive is unique to the market. The IDX 70 is avail-able in two different basic configurations: with and without integrated controller.

New ECX flat motor

The ECX flat product family is also expanding with the addition of the ECX flat 32. This motor is available as a high-torque version with segmented magnets and an open rotor, available in two different lengths, a short ver-sion (16, 2 mm) and a long version (18, 7 mm). The standard version with ring magnet and closed rotor in length S rounds off the program. The new motor is based on EC-flat technology and has been optimized for a higher power density.

Catalog provides an overview and assistance

maxon offers a wide range of components: from DC and BLDC motors to gearheads, encoders, positioning controllers, master controllers, and battery management systems. The 2022/2023 catalog is fresh off the print-ing press and provides a complete overview. With 592 pages, the readers can explore maxon’s modular sys-tem, with data sheets, technical tips and the practical maxon selection guide. The new catalog can be viewed online at or in the eShop at

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