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White papers on motorized medical devices.

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As a designer and manufacturer of motorized systems for medical devices, maxon France takes a proactive approach to supporting future innovations in a sector undergoing rapid technological and societal change. The company has published three white papers that paint a complete picture of the challenges facing motorized medical devices in France in the period 2020-2030, and explain how mechatronics will change accordingly.

Motorized medical devices: three white papers, free to download

Motorized medical devices (MD) occupy a central position in the major advances being made in treatment adherence and patient comfort. To help manufacturers meet the challenges of coming years, whether in regard to regulatory changes or new care routines, maxon France has provided a complete analysis to explain the expected changes in the market. The study is rounded out by specific examples of applications and technological innovations, plus a guide to understanding the mechatronics challenges of the next decade.

The first White Paper published in October 2018 is devoted to the specific challenges of active implants and bionic prostheses. These include the very tricky issues of miniaturization and biocompatibility, as well as artificial intelligence, which will become indispensable.

A second White Paper published in March 2019 focuses on mechatronics for laboratory instruments and for drug delivery devices.

The in vitro diagnostics sector in particular, which is an essential link in the healthcare chain, is undergoing rapid change, especially with the emergence of machines at the patient's bedside. Mechatronics is assisting this change by supplying the market with drives and systems that are more modular, with a higher level of reliability, while keeping prices reasonable. Developments in drug injection systems and the latest innovations in compact and network-connected devices also receive special attention.

A third White Paper published in September 2019 addresses the future challenges in surgical robotics and medical imaging to be faced with the aid of mechatronics.

These fields are currently experiencing a huge revolution, a key issue being the capacity to assist the medical staff in diagnosis and interventions with extreme precision. On the back of the latest technological innovations in motorization, the market is opening up new possibilities for patient care and is providing state-of-the-art equipment for healthcare professionals.

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