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Our objective from the beginning: net zero


Combining the three production facilities and offices at a single location and bringing together all the employees into one big Parvalux family – this was the impetus for the new headquarters of Parvalux, a company acquired by the maxon Group in 2018. However, the new building ended up being so much more: namely a statement on sustainability. Doug Sheppard, Managing Director of Parvalux, on energy-efficient materials, renewable energies, and the value of having one’s own garden.

Doug Sheppard

Managing Director


The new building is a major step in the right direction. It will be more than climate-neutral by 2030.

What makes Parvalux’s new building so special? 

From the beginning, it was about keeping the environmental impact as low as possible. Our objective is to cut our operational CO2 emissions to net zero. We chose the materials based on their energy efficiency. For sustainable water heating and to heat the building, air-source heat pumps are used. In addition, around 7,000 metric tons of bricks and concrete from the old buildings on the site have been recycled for preparation of the foundations. But above all, the factory has one of the biggest photovoltaic systems ever installed on a single building in the region. I was on the roof – the system is really huge!

What will the generated solar energy be used for?

Not only will we be able to cover all the electricity needed to run the building, including lighting, elevators, and office equipment, in fact, we will be left with a surplus of more than 23,000 kWh per year. We will feed this into the production process and consequently reduce the purchase of renewable energies from the grid. Surplus electricity will also flow into the electric vehicle charging stations. This is how we want to motivate employees to make the switch to more sustainable means of transport. 

Why is sustainability so important for Parvalux?  

We want to run our business without any negative effects on the environment and society, from the source of supply over the entire life cycle of a product. To do this, we need to put our own house in order, as we English so elegantly put it. The new building is a major step in the right direction. It will be more than climate-neutral by 2030, because we are producing an energy surplus. We are proud of this.

What were the biggest challenges? 

To be honest, energy efficiency has its price. In order to reconcile our desire for sustainability with cost considerations, we needed the right partners.

The building work will soon be completed. Are the employees looking forward to the move, or is there also a sense of nostalgia? 

Our old headquarters were built in 1961. Since then we have grown, and the building has aged. The employees are looking forward to a large cafeteria, the latest machines, and a modern working environment. Unlike before, there will be enough meeting rooms as well as areas that allow for running into people and in this way promote mutual curiosity and collaboration. Of course, the new building is fully accessible and has gender-neutral facilities. And with multi-purpose rooms, which we make available for personal and religious use, we actively support the well-being of all employees, including those from ethnic minorities.


What are you personally most looking forward to? 

The highlight for me is the garden, where the employees can grow fruit and vegetables. For anyone who does not have their own outside space at home, it is a small help in times of high inflation and a contribution to personal well-being. The roof terrace will also be a great place to enjoy a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere or to hold a  social barbecue. But I’m a practically-minded man, and the most exciting aspect for me is that we can work in a world-class production center with motivated and highly qualified workers, making fantastic motor solutions. And at the same time, we are bringing together all the employees into one big Parvalux family. 

About Parvalux

The British manufacturer of geared motors expands the maxon portfolio to include powerful drives, which are used in fields such as medical technology and industrial automation. Parvalux was founded in 1947 and has been based in Dorset, in the southwest of England, since 1957. It was acquired by maxon in 2018. With its move, the company is bringing together its three sites in the region and responding to many years of consistently high demand for its products. The new headquarters on Technology Road in Poole near Bournemouth not only offers the opportunity to increase production efficiency, but also to double the usable floor space if necessary.

The Engagement from maxon

Striving for sustainability and forward-thinking forms of work is also characteristic of maxon. This is why maxon invested around GBP 29.8 million in the development and construction of the new Parvalux headquarters at the Bournemouth production site, including land costs, plus another GBP 3 million for the purchase of state-of-the-art production machinery.

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