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Delta vs Y Winding Arrangements.


Although, the winding arrangement does not play a pivotal role in one’s motor selection, it is valuable information to be aware of.

maxon’s rhombic winding is divided into three partial windings, each shifted by 120°. The partial windings can be connected in two different manners - “Y” or “Δ”.

When you have a Δ-circuit, you receive the total applied voltage across W1, W2, W3. It makes sense why Δ-Circuits are typically found in motors with high speed capabilities.

Moreover, in Y-circuits, rather than receive the total applied voltage, you have a voltage divider effect across 2 windings due to the neutral point. The motors that feature this type of circuit typically have low speed constants, but higher torque constants. You can typically find windings like these in maxon’s EC-Flat and EC-I Motors.

Delta vs Y Winding Arrangement

If you are curious whether your motor features a “Y” or “Δ” winding arrangement, Sales Engineers across the globe are awaiting your call. If you are unsure of who contact, please visit our website to find your local contact.

Author: Angelica Perzan

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