15 reasons why UAV manufacturers rely on maxon.


What is most important in the drone industry is the full knowledge of the perfect interplay of brushless DC motors, electronic speed controllers, and matching propellers at system level. At the same time it’s about to understand specific customer needs. We have put together 15 reasons why start-ups and global aviation companies rely on maxon's products and expertise.



UAV manufacturers benefit from maxon’s quality system and its extensive experience from motion control projects in the aviation and space industry.

1. Custom-made components

Over 1 million test cycles have been achieved, which is unprecedented in the market. maxon has dedicated equipment for UAV products testing under realistic conditions.


2. EN 9100

maxon is certified in accordance with ISO standard 9100 for the aerospace industry and is well versed in the RTCA DO-160/178/254 and MIL-810 industry standards. In addition, we comply with complex regulatory requirements such as international export control regimes.


3. Long and safe flights

We ensure the highest efficiency and reliability of our UAV propulsion systems through the strict quality system, optimal magnetic and winding design, best commutation algorithms, lowest weight at highest robustness and best propeller aerodynamics.


4. Commonly accepted aerospace standards

maxon strives to have a mature quality system in place, proven and certified in the medical (ISO13485) and aerospace (EN9100) industries. New UAV specific regulations are considered and supervised (e.g. FAA / EASA), making approval processes and risk assessment (SORA) easier.



DO-160G tested

The maxon UAV drive systems have been successfully tested against the aerospace environmental standard DO-160G.

5. Temperature and temperature variation

Tested at a wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C (operational), representing conditions that the products could experience through flights and their life cycles.


6. Harsh environmental conditions

The maxon environmental tests included humidity tests combined with varying temperatures. Maxon partners successfully tested the products also in sand & dust as well as salt spray conditions.


7. Vibration, shock and crash safety

The maxon UAV products, including propellers underwent a rigorous testing including vibrations and high shock loads that reflect harsh flight and landing conditions.


8. Static thrust and tilt testing

For reliable and trustworthy performance data, maxon carefully tested all the products with various propeller variants. Test conditions are transparently shared in the datasheets. A flight-simulating tilt test reflects lifetime testing (over one million cycles).




Drone technology is developing at the speed of light, and when experience and expertise are needed – maxon can offer both at a world-leading level.

9. 60 years of experience

We have manufactured electric motors since 1961. Our drive technology has been driving the Mars rovers on the Red Planet for more than 20 years. Today, hundreds of drive systems can be found in aircrafts, helicopters, spacecrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles.


10. Dedicated UAV team

An experienced team of engineers and technicians support customers from the specification phase, prototype testing to the start of production and beyond. Strong partnerships ensure that maxon products are not a stand-alone solution but work seamlessly within UAV systems.


11. Strong R&D

Over 8% of maxon’s revenue flows into R&D, where more than 200 design engineers located in the USA, Europe and Asia are at work pushing the boundaries of technology.




maxon is a reliable engineering partner with an in-depth understanding of project requirements and customer needs in the UAV and drone market.

12. Holistic UAV understanding

What is most important in the drone industry is the full knowledge of the perfect interplay of BLDC motors, controllers, and matching propellers at system level. We have it and understand it.


13. Fast and flexible

maxon has production facilities in the EU, Asia, and the USA.
Our customers benefit from fast manufacturing of small or large series, and the high flexibility makes it easy to accommodate special requirements.


14. Standard or customized

When the product specification or drive combination of standard products does not suffice, we develop custom drives with a complete set of components to build state-of-the-art drones that scale to meet enterprise needs.


15. Documentation and traceability

Best-in-class product documentation and traceability of parts are available for each product. In our in-house testing facility, every product is extensively tested, resulting in reliable and verified performance data.

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