Media Release 2/26/2020

The Cybathlon special issue magazine is now available.


In Zurich on May 2nd and 3rd, pilots will be navigating obstacle courses with the aid of assistance systems as they battle for victory in Cybathlon. maxon has devoted a special magazine to this event and asks: Where is the development of prosthetic devices heading? How do you build an exoskeleton? Which of the six different disciplines is the Cybathlon founder’s favorite?


The second Cybathlon will be held in Zurich in only a few more months. On May 2nd and 3rd, people with physical disabilities will be competing in obstacle courses against each other. Assistance systems such as exoskeletons, bionic prostheses, and motorized wheelchairs will be used in six disciplines. maxon is supporting the event as a Presenting Partner, and among other things, will be setting up a comfortable lounge for the teams to relax in between races. In anticipation of the event, maxon has published a special magazine devoted to Cybathlon, including stories on the ways in which the various disciplines have changed in comparison with 2016, and how Cybathlon founder Robert Riener sees the future of the event.

This special edition magazine tells the exciting story of Hugh Herr, an MIT professor and visionary who has been reliant on two prosthetic legs since he suffered anaccident while climbing. He now describes this as an opportunity. Herr believes that mankind will end physical disabilities in the 21st century. The magazine also looks into exoskeleton systems and explains the six things to watch out for when developing one of these systems. Last but not least, readers can get to know the teams who use maxon products in their assistance systems.

maxon's Cybathlon magazine can be read online at 
It will also be available at the event.

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