Drive systems for laboratory automation

Reliable diagnostics and research.

Drive systems from maxon ensure reliable processes in laboratory applications – and thus consistent results. Because in the laboratory, accuracy is key. Highest quality and reliability enable reproducible results in diagnostics, life sciences, and analytics.


Precision and reliability meet cutting-edge science.

Rapid DNA sequencing, plasma preparation, or POC applications require ever more complex processes, which humans find almost impossible to perform in a standardized way.   

maxon drive technologies ensure that laboratory procedures are performed without any errors and guarantee high throughput as well as fast results. 

The advantages are:

EN 9001 and SN EN ISO 13485 certification

Long product lifecycle

High power density and high continuous torque

High dynamics

100% final check in production

Our product recommendations.

Liquid handling applications require reliability, precision, and power density. With high speed and precise positioning control, maxon drives are perfect for many operations such as X, Y axis movements or Z axes for dispensing. 

DCX16S mit Standardflansch (1)

DCX 16 S


  •  Ø16 mm
  • up to 17 000 rpm
  • up to 5.4 mNm




Screw drive GP 16 S


  • Ø16 mm
  • up to 150 mm/s
  • up to 370 N



  • 12 … 60 VDC
  • up to 10 A
  • up to 6 axes

PCR and DNA applications range from basic research to disease diagnostics to agricultural tests and forensic examinations. The compact, efficient drive systems from maxon can increase the PCR runtime without any reduction in precision.

EPOS4 Micro 24/5


  • 10 … 24 VDC
  • up to 5 A
  • CANopen / EtherCAT

EC- i 30


  • ∅30 mm
  • up to 15 000 rpm
  • up to 110 mNm



  • ∅22 mm
  • up to 16 000 rpm
  • up to 80 mNm

EC-i 40


  • ∅40 mm
  • up to 15 000 rpm
  • up to 340 mNm 



  • ∅16 mm
  • up to 65 536 cpt
  • RS 422 line driver

maxon supplies drive solutions which are used in electronic pipettes for precise and reproducible delivery of samples and reagents in molecular biology, analytical chemistry, and medicine. Our linear solutions improve efficiency and enable a very high actuating force for higher viscosity liquids.




  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 50 000 rpm
  • up to 1.26 mNm
ECX_Speed_STE13L_Hall_Sensor (1)



  • ∅13 mm
  • up to 120 000 rpm
  • up to 1.26 mNm

DC-max 16 S


  • ∅16 mm
  • up to 11 000 rpm
  • up to 4.8 mNm

Screw drive GP 8 S


  • Ø8 mm
  • up to 25 mm/s
  • up to 27 N

Screw drives


  • ∅6 … 32 mm
  • up to 186 mm/s
  • up to 2700 N

In order for POC applications to be effectively utilized for fast analyses and early diagnoses in practice, they need to be small and easy to operate. In addition, they must be precisely calibrated and as automated as possible. maxon offers the perfect solutions for POC with drives with a diameter from 6 to 16 mm.




  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 50 000 rpm
  • up to 1.26 mNm

EPOS4 Micro 24/5


  • 10 … 24 VDC
  • up to 5 A
  • CAN / EtherCAT

To achieve precise gripping, robot arms for laboratory applications need to meet the highest requirements. Electric drives need to perform movements with absolute precision through the interaction of motors and encoders. High power density is essential for getting the greatest possible torque in a small installation space. maxon offers the right solution for this. Due to their special winding, our drive systems are efficient and extremely precise. 


EC 45 flat


  • ∅45 mm
  • up to 10 000 rpm
  • up to 174 mNm
Product recECX_flat_22S_STD_Stator

ECX FLAT platform


  • ∅22 ... 32 mm
  • up to 15 000 rpm
  • up to 106 mNm

Manually closing and decapping sample tubes takes up a lot of working hours. Automating this process reduces the risk of human errors and at the same time avoids potential health risks and aerosol contamination for the laboratory staff. The 8 mm BLDC motors from maxon are ideal for a 96-axis solution, while a 16 mm motor, for example, is suitable for a 24-axis solution.




  • ∅8 mm
  • up to 50 000 rpm
  • up to 1.26 mNm
GPX8 (1)



  • ∅8 mm
  • i= 4.0 … 1024
  • up to 0.1 Nm

EPOS 4 Micro 24/5


  • 10…24 VDC
  • up to 5 A
  • CAN / EtherCAT



  • ∅16 mm
  • up to 120 000 rpm
  • up to 16.1 mNm

GPX 16


  • ∅16 mm
  • i= 3.9 … 1526
  • up to 0.9 Nm

EPOS 4  50/5


  • 10 … 50 VDC
  • up to 5 A
  • CANopen / EtherCAT

Drive solutions for laboratory automation

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Learn about maxon drives for laboratory automation and read two reports on how our products deliver extreme precision and high throughout in laboratory robots and blood analysis devices. 

Precision drive solutions

We make laboratory procedures faster and more precise with custom solutions.


Six-axis motherboard

In particular with XYZ axes, the high power density of maxon drives makes it possible to save space. For multi-axis applications such as decappers (24, 48, 96 channels) or liquid handling instruments, we offer custom controller solutions and integrate multiple axes on one board. The high dynamics in combination with precise multi-axis control makes laboratory procedures more efficient, which increases the throughput rate.

  • Six axes integrated on one board
  • For compact multi-axis control
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Available with CAN/EtherCAT


Complete mechatronic systems

Conveyor modules in the laboratory guarantee a fast, precise, safe, and clean automation process for highly efficient processing. Whether for transporting samples or a gantry robot system for medical instruments, we work with our customers to develop a custom automation solution for faster, more precise, and more reliable procedures.

  • Development of a complete mechatronic system
  • Use of various drive technologies in the system
  • Complete system produced and tested by maxon


Pipetting cassettes

Automated pipetting reduces the error rate in the laboratory and increases productivity. From the drives and spindle solutions for pipetting liquids to the complete cassette, we are a reliable development partner and bring experience and extensive know-how in product design.

  • Brushed and brushless motors with diameters from 8 to 16 mm
  • Ceramic and steel spindle solutions for pipetting
  • Integrated drive solutions, specifically for pipetting (pitch 8 and 16 mm)
  • Complete pipetting cassette is developed in collaboration with the customer

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Antoine Joordan

Global Operations Director

Andrew Alliance

“The size was a central aspect, but the precision was even more important. With the integrated encoder on the flat motor, we can guarantee high precision.”

Jean-François Gelin

Project manager


“maxon had the necessary knowledge and gave us valuable tips.”

Rob Harkness

Business Development Manager

Peak Analysis and Automation Ltd.

“We were impressed by the customer support and the competitive prices. It quickly became clear that the products from maxon are the best choice for our S-Lab system.”

Frequently asked questions

  • How do maxon drive components ensure that laboratory analysis devices will deliver reproducible results?

    For reproducible results, a drive system with precision control is crucial. This is guaranteed with ironless drives, for example, since they have no cogging torque. Furthermore, a high resolution and thus high reproducibility can be ensured by using an encoder.

  • Is it possible to purchase an absolute drive system from maxon so that the last position is saved in case of a power failure?

    Yes. The absolute multi-turn encoder (product: ENX 22 EMT) comes with integrated harvesting technology. This saves the position of the drive so it remains known even after a power failure. 

  • Is maxon able to assist in the design and production of entire drive systems (movements in the device)?

    Yes. maxon’s many years of experience means it is able to assist in the design of entire translatory movements and can help to optimize devices in terms of costs or performance. 

  • What are the advantages of using a maxon controller?

    The inductance required for ironless motors is already integrated into maxon controllers. In addition, the EPOS and ESCON software offers the advantage of fully automatic tuning of maxon drives. Thus the drive is optimally matched to the controller. The simple GUI interface enables measurements and fine tuning on the motor. 


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