Drive systems for the semiconductor industry

The raw material for digitalization.

Industrial systems in the semiconductor industry operate with cycle times of a second and under. High dynamics and precision are therefore crucial to success. We develop and produce turnkey drive systems for maximum performance in the production of wafers and microchips.

Drive modules

For higher productivity: Robotics in chip production.

Drive modules from maxon are used in wafer production, front-end/back-end, and pick-and-place applications. Here, the high power density, reliability, and low mass inertia of the maxon drive systems are crucial to success and enable very short cycle times. 

High power density in a very compact design

High efficiency

Low magnetic interference

Solutions for clean-room and vacuum applications

Advanced control for outstanding positioning performance

Microchips are driving the world.

Every year, more and more chips are produced for the Internet of Things, wireless communication, and artificial intelligence, while the feature sizes of the chips become smaller and smaller. An efficient, high-volume manufacturing process requires complex machines and devices.

We produce around 200 000 maxon drives every year for a variety of applications in the semiconductor market. The trend is clearly upwards.

Drive solutions for the semiconductor industry

Fast and clean handling for microassembly.

Micro linear drive for precise positioning

maxon has developed and produced micro linear drives specifically for semiconductor customers.

The BLDC motor from the ECX-SPEED series with a diameter of 8 millimeters is optimized for high speeds up to 120,000 rpm and is extremely fast and smooth. We combine it with the maxon GPX planetary gearhead with high power transmission as well as the 3-channel encoder ENX 8 EASY with integrated circuit in a housing. The stroke is 5 mm with a resolution of 9 μm. In addition, the units are equipped with ceramic spindles that guarantee a long service life.

  • Special slide concept with travel distances of 20/25/30/40/50 mm
  • Thread pitch: 0.4 mm
  • Resolution up to 8.9 μm
  • Speed: 1 to 5 mm/s
  • Reproducibility in one direction: 0.22 μm
  • Weight > 36 g
  • Dimensions: 50.3 x 11.5 x 10.5 mm
  • Flexprint or Teflon cable available (either ribbon cable or single wires)

Frameless direct drive: EC-i 275 Frameless High Torque

maxon frameless motors offer maximum torque density with minimum size and high overload capacity. The inside diameter can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. The motor can be operated in a clean-room environment and is suitable for applications with air bearings.

  • Outside diameter: 275 mm
  • Inside diameter: 172 mm
  • Rated torque: 17 Nm
  • Standstill torque: 63 Nm
  • Typical applications: Positioning/rotary indexing table with cable gland, direct drive with high torque/low speed and low cogging torque

maxon ECX Flat

The brushless motor series with an attractive price/performance ratio is optimized for maximum torque density and is suitable for installation in confined spaces due to its short overall length.  

  • Easily configured online and available within 11 days
  • Higher power due to new winding technology and segmented magnets
  • Integrated speed controller available (ESCON-C)
  • Integrated inductive rotary encoder available (MILE)
  • Impeller for active cooling (optional)

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Drives for the semiconductor industry

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Gain insight into our specialized production location in the Netherlands and learn which high-precision mechatronic drive systems from maxon are successfully used in processes like wafer lifting, etching, polishing, and lapping as well as pick and place. 

Corporate Blog

Success stories

Drive solutions from maxon meet the high requirements of the semiconductor industry for precision, clean-room suitability, and size in numerous applications.
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GettyImages-1169088875maxon Story

In the vacuum workshop

In the semiconductor industry, cleanliness and precision are absolutely critical. Swiss vacuum specialist VAT therefore partnered up with maxon to develop a drive system for wafer processing.
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Pocket Delta_Asyril_pick&place_1maxon Story

Pocket-sized Delta robots.

Today, various microassembly tasks present ever greater challenges to drive technology. Whereas the microcomponents and systems are continuously getting smaller, the development of production systems in macroscopic dimensions is frequently left behind. A Swiss company has revolutionized the market with an entire product family of Delta robots. Strong maxon motors ensure high-precision dynamic movements.
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Clean room

Manufacture of semiconductor systems.

maxon drives for the semiconductor industry are manufactured in our in-house clean room. Development is geared towards a long service life, with high-end materials from titanium to technical ceramics in use. 

Our quality standards

Dr. Alain Codourey

Founder of Asyrils

“To keep the mass inertia low, all components were designed to be delicate and light-weight. A big advantage of the Delta configuration is the fact that, although the maxon motors are responsible for the movement of the kinematic elements, the motors themselves are not moved. Instead, the motors are attached to the support frame and transmit the movement directly to the structure.”

Frequently asked questions

  • Does maxon have the capability to build and deliver complete systems?

    Yes. At maxon, you have access to standard solutions straight off the shelf composed of DC motors, sensors, position and multi-axis controllers as well as frameless direct drive solutions. In addition, we develop and produce custom solutions for the semiconductor industry. 

  • Is maxon able to assist in the design and production of entire drive systems (movements in the device)?

    Yes. maxon’s many years of experience means it is able to assist in the design of entire translatory movements and can help to optimize devices in terms of costs or performance. 

  • What are the advantages of using a maxon controller?

    The inductance required for ironless motors is already integrated into maxon controllers. In addition, the EPOS and ESCON software offers the advantage of fully automatic tuning of maxon drives. Thus the drive is optimally matched to the controller. The simple GUI enables measurements and fine tuning on the motor. 

  • Can maxon systems be adapted to the environment conditions of the applications?

    Yes. maxon has lots of experience with conditions found in the semiconductor industry (e.g., vacuum, clean room).


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