Drive solutions for electromobility

Lightweight and efficient e-bike systems.

Our lightweight e-bike motors, efficient batteries, and state-of-the-art interfaces and apps offer a perfectly coordinated e-bike system. maxon technology is designed to deliver maximum power in the smallest of spaces. Efficient and absolutely reliable. 


Redefining limits.

maxon has developed a lightweight, mid-drive e-bike system that can be integrated out of sight in the frame. The compact system allows the use of traditional frame designs for electric racing bikes weighing 10.5 kg and e-MTB trail full-sussers weighing 15.5 kg. We develop and manufacture our e-bike drives in Switzerland, in partnership with leading bicycle manufacturers worldwide. 

Suitable for racing, gravel, urban, kids’, and mountain bikes

For down tube designs with diameters starting at 60 mm

System weight 3.5 kg

Maximum torque 40 Nm

Power 250 W

Battery 250 Wh and Range Extender 250 Wh

Especially natural handling


Our drives are SN EN ISO 9001 & SN EN ISO 14001 certified.

For us, precision, consistent quality, and safety count. maxon products meet these requirements without difficulty. From the customer’s specification to the finished product, we always focus on delivering the highest quality. As a leading supplier:

We meet all regulatory requirements for a quality management system

We meet the international quality standard for an environmental management system

We have our own test laboratory for simulating extreme conditions

We are committed to a process of continuous evaluation and improvement

We undergo annual audits

maxon Electromobility.

maxon puts the expertise gained in the development of the BIKEDRIVE e-bike system to use in other areas of e-mobility too. For example in drive systems for electric scooters and trikes, in customized drives for professional and extreme sports, and even in drives for electric wheelchairs and rehabilitation vehicles. These applications too require a combination of motor, gearhead, and battery management that works together reliably and precisely.


Discover the BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system in all its details, by dragging the cursor over the drive. 

Open in AR View:

Our product recommendations.

The e-bike drive unit consists of a BLDC internal-rotor motor and a low-noise performance planetary gearhead. The Q-factor starts at just 155 mm. The integrated electronics and sensors ensure sensitive support in all riding situations. The patented, innovative freewheel has no noticeable resistance – both when backpedaling and when riding without electrical support. It is possible to install either racing or MTB chain rings.


Drive unit


  • Maximum torque 40 Nm   
  • Maximum supported cadence 115 rpm   
  • Speed 25 km/h or 20 mph  
  • Weight 1.9 kg

The lithium-ion battery is permanently installed in the down tube. It combines low weight with an energy capacity of 250 Wh and weighs just 1.4 kg. Higher-capacity batteries are available on request.




  • Voltage 36 V  
  • Capacity 250 Wh   
  • Charge time 3.5 h   
  • Weight 1.4 kg 

The Range Extender offers another 250 Wh of power.  It works like a power bank and charges the integrated battery. The Range Extender can be inserted in a BIKEDRIVE AIR bottle cage and integrated into the system via a cable, or can be stored in a backpack.


Range Extender


  • Voltage 36 V   
  • Capacity 250 Wh   
  • Charge time 3.5 h  
  • Weight 1.4 kg  

A control element gives total control over the e-bike and can be connected via Bluetooth (BLE) to a smartphone or via ANT+ to other devices from Garmin, Sigma, or o-synce. The three support levels can be individually configured with the app. Three ride modes are programmed at the factory: Cruise (gentle tailwind), Push (sport mode), Blast (lots of power for steep inclines). Inconspicuous and intuitive shifters for the racing bike or mountain bike handlebars are available as an option. 




  • Battery display (SOC)  
  • Three support levels
  • Bluetooth (BLE) and ANT+   
  • Light switch (optional)


Apps for riders and specialist retailers.

The maxon Connect app turns your smartphone into a control center: Customize the e-bike’s support levels and view all the important data at a glance on the dashboard. With ANT+ or Bluetooth (BLE), you can easily connect other devices too: Garmin, Sigma, o-synce, etc. For retailers, there is an intuitive Service app.

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