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The S48 service is one of the major commitments of the MDP range: clarifying the customer’s specifications within 24 hours, then delivering within 48 hours after the order is confirmed by email or phone with one of our technicians. We talked to Jean-Marc Bunand, who heads the customer relations team.

What is the significance of the S48 service for MDP range?

Jean-Marc Bunand: It is one of the pillars of our company, a major commitment that we make to our customers. For every order confirmed through our e-shops ( and, whether that be by email or by phone, we are able to clarify the customer’s specifications within 24 hours and then deliver the products within 48 hours.

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So, what happens exactly when a customer calls you to order a motorized solution?

Jean-Marc Bunand: The person at reception connects the customer to a call center technician, who takes charge of the customer’s project until completion. The team is entirely comprised of motorization specialists, all with at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. They have all the necessary technical knowledge to formulate a motorized solution (torque, speed, output power, input power, etc.) and to respond quickly to customer requests. Within 24 hours, the technician must clarify the requested specifications in direct communication with the customer, and apply his or her expertise to find the most suitable solution.

We act as genuine consultants, providing advice on the type of motor, the technology to use… We see ourselves as subcontractors of our customers, here to give advice on motorization and technical solutions. By working remotely, both parties save a considerable amount of time.


Every customer really has their own contact person?

Jean-Marc Bunand: Yes, of course. We have a maxim in the company: 1/24/48. A single contact person for clarification of the customer's specifications in 24 hours and delivery in 48 hours. The consulting part on the phone usually lasts no more than a quarter of an hour when you have the specifications in front of you. Most of the time, a rough sketch is enough. A lot of our work is with small and medium-size businesses who don't have a lot of time and don’t always have a design department to assist them. Nevertheless, our technician is still able to discuss the specific needs of the machine or robot. A proposed solution is then emailed to the customer. When it is confirmed, the solution is delivered in 48 hours.


What if the customer’s specifications are more complex?

Jean-Marc Bunand: We call on our in-house design department, and hand the matter over to them. That department is staffed by seven mechanical and automation engineers. The team is able to respond to any request and to adapt our products if necessary. This applies especially in the case of complex projects, with special requirements for size, operating temperature, IP rating, etc.


Then the solution is manufactured on site?

Jean-Marc Bunand: Exactly. As soon as the customer’s order is confirmed, a production order arrives at the assembly workshop. All the products are assembled on our premises in Neyron. Sometimes there is a need for gluing, if a pinion has to be put on the motor axle, and that takes more time. However, whatever the request, we make sure that the order reaches the customer within 48 hours. The delivery is performed by a respected company that we have been working with for many years.

Template DriveTech 1500x1000 serive 48h

1/24/48 process - “We act as genuine consultants, providing advice on the type of motor, the technology to use”

What if the solution received does not work?

Jean-Marc Bunand: All the customer has to do is contact their contact person, who can identify the cause of 80% of the malfunctions. It is often a problem of wiring, settings, or power supply. If that is not enough, our technical support, likewise based at our premises in Neyron, takes over the project to find a solution. At maxon France, we never leave our customers in the lurch: Our technicians are permanently at their disposal until their motorized solution works. This focus on support is not only the whole basis of our activity, but also what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the leader in France for motorized solutions. Additionally, to make our customers more self-sufficient, we publish master classes dealing with recurring technical issues on our blog.


How do the malfunctions you are confronted with make a useful contribution to the company’s operations?

Jean-Marc Bunand: Whenever we encounter a technical or delivery problem, our on-site quality department is informed immediately. This is an opportunity to take a step back and take corrective action in our organization for the purpose of continuous improvement. It is essential that customers feel reassured when they interact with us. In a sense, we are part of their project. That is how a company like maxon France, even with thirty years of experience, can continue to grow.

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