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Ventilation and feed systems

2022 Parvalux système de ventilation et alimentation2022 Parvalux système de ventilation et alimentation

In modern farming, there is a constant need to optimize and streamline production to achieve the best results. In the key sectors of pork and poultry production, successful breeding and laying will only happen within a specific range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

Pigs, for example, aren't able to regulate their body temperature through perspiration because they lack sweat glands anywhere except their snouts. This makes them particularly sensitive to temperature rises and even small changes can induce behavioral changes that impact production quality.

In poultry production, the story is much the same: Feed consumption, egg weight, and shell quality can all be affected by factors such as temperature, air speed, humidity, and light, with young birds and higher producers the most sensitive to changes. Clearly then, if consistent food production is to be achieved, it's vital that the correct environmental conditions are maintained.

Ventilation systems for climate control

Danish electronics manufacturer SKOV A/S is the international market leader in ventilation and farm management systems for animal production. Its solutions optimize the productivity of millions of animals all over the world, every day.

SKOV A/S started selling ventilation solutions for poultry and pig houses in 1978 and today employs 390 staff with representative offices in more than 25 countries. The company has subsidiary companies in Thailand, Russia, USA, and China and distributor representation in more than 70 markets across all continents. With more than 16,000 m² under roof at its headquarters in Glyngoere, Denmark, SKOV has invested significantly in state-of-the-art test and development facilities that include an air physics lab and a simulated livestock house.

Customized ventilation and management systems enable producers to monitor and control the climate in multiple production houses and thus achieve efficiency across their entire operation. SKOV's ventilation systems are designed for low energy consumption and are exceptionally efficient, even under extreme weather conditions where large temperature fluctuations are the norm.

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High-performance motorization for demanding environments

Delivering controllable power in harsh environments requires a special breed of geared motor and for more than 30 years, Parvalux has been trusted by SKOV to provide the reliability and performance their customers expect. Based in Bournemouth, Dorset and in business since 1947, Parvalux Electric Motors is the UK's largest manufacturer of fractional horsepower geared motors.

SKOV chooses Parvalux geared motors to open fresh air inlets in a number of their ventilation products. Operating in a wide range of temperature conditions, from extreme cold through to humid tropical heat, SKOV ventilation products need to be able to cope with anything that nature throws at them. Parvalux geared motor solutions meet this challenge by providing a reliable and robust power solution SKOV's customers can trust.

“Parvalux geared motors deliver the controllable power, reliability, and high-quality our customers expect”

Parvalux geared motors also provide the power for SKOV's 20 kg dry feed weighing systems. The 360-degree rotating drum system is fully automated and provides a high level of accuracy for the delivery of dry feed during the pork production process. Like all SKOV products, it's built to withstand constant use in the most demanding environments.

SKOV's strategic purchaser Lars Ramsdahl says: “SKOV has partnered with Parvalux for more than thirty years now and during that time we've worked closely with their engineering and account management teams to build a strong relationship. Parvalux geared motors deliver the controllable power, reliability, and high-quality our customers expect from every SKOV solution and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with Parvalux.”

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