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Optimizing machines in order to achieve the performance needed for each type of work requires specifically adapted technology and automation. Motion control then becomes a driver of productivity and efficiency. To this end, maxon France presents its new customized offering.

Ease of use, improvements in machine throughput and performance, and resistance to extreme operating conditions: Our experts design customized solutions adapted to your needs. Our motion control range provides you with a complete solution: from a choice of multi-technology motors up to 8 kW through to automation control devices, including drivers and HMIs.

Services designed specially for this range are available:

1/ Technical support

We support you with training for our product range. This gives you the opportunity to discover our range and its possibilities, and to test the systems in our facilities, at your site, or remotely.
Our experts are also there for you at the various stages of your project: to help with sizing, preliminary technical design and validation of specifications, specifying your mechanical system (torque, speed, motor power), choice of variable speed drives (programmable, fieldbus, etc.), determining your system architecture, and checking the installation.

2/ Configuration and programming

Testing and design verification are carried out directly on our test platform (using an optimized program with control settings accessible and easily modifiable by the user). 

The Grafcets and wiring diagrams are delivered to the customer, together with the source program file with comments. We assist you during commissioning of the system.

3/ Turnkey solutions and integration

For installation of your system, we put you in touch with our network of certified integrators of complete packages, from the electrical cabinet to the motor.

  • Design of motors and axis control boards
  • Selecting an automation architecture based on the fieldbuses required
  • Electrical design engineering
  • Design of the wiring and building the electrical cabinet
  • Configuration of the axis control boards according to your needs, the operating conditions, and the mechanical components
  • PLC programming
  • Testing and design validation  
  • Various measurements (current consumption, motor/ambient temperature, operating cycles, etc.)
  • Delivery of the design documentation  
  • Commissioning at your premises


4/ The components in our range:

Automation control:

  • Programmable logic controllers with high computing power
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI), modular and flexible, from 3 to 15
  • I/O modules, local or remote
  • Controller and I/O safety in accordance with standard IEC 61508 – SIL4


Communication buses:

Wide range of fieldbuses: reduction in machine cycle time and increase in productivity
Conventional and real-time buses (CANopen, EtherCAT, etc.)


Multi-technology knowhow (brushless, DC, stepper, etc.)
Step-servo: the simplicity of a stepper motor and the performance of a servo motor
Wide direct-drive range (for optimization of cost, maintenance, and assembly)


CODESYS: programming interface (monitoring, visualization, and soft motion) Reduction in machine development time
Simple, standardized programming languages (CEI 61131-3)


Specialized services:

  • Development of customized drivers is possible
  • Selected products are available in 48 hours for quick and efficient system repair

Printed circuit boards:

  • Servo control boards and/or positioning boards
  • Option of drives with integrated electronics
  • Compatible with brushed or brushless DC motors and stepper motors


5/ Customized advice and responsiveness – our added value:

In order to best meet your needs, a team of motion control specialists works on each of the issues you face: technical performance, efficiency, compactness, robustness, and energy optimization.

Our technical consultants, experts in motorization and automation, can talk with you by telephone or in person at your premises to help you choose the best motor/gearbox/accessories package. Our goal is to help you to combine the advantages of each component to produce optimal technical and economic solutions.

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