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Parvalux: highly valued by chocolatiers

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The art of chocolate requires precision, patience, and discipline, and if there is one company that knows how to support the best chocolate artisans, it is Savy Goiseau. The leading manufacturer of chocolate equipment in France, Savy Goiseau has been creating specialized machines for chocolate professionals since 1972, including tempering, molding, and enrobing machines.

For decades, the specialized machines designed by the French company have been fitted with geared motors from Parvalux. For example, the manufacturer’s Gold ranges (tempering/molding/enrobing machines) are fitted with the geared motor SD11M / SD11MB shunt 220 V AC  95 W 42 rpm. These single-reduction, variable speed, worm-spur geared motors are linked to simplified variable speed drives of type 090, for speed adjustment.

SAVY GOISEAU GOLD 2 and 4 enrobing machines

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More about the Parvalux SD11M geared motor

The Parvalux SD11 M is a a separately excited DC shunt geared motor with single-reduction worm-spur gearing, providing a virtually constant rotational speed. The difference in rotation is only 10% to 20% between no-load and full-load operation. Its speed can be controlled using a variable resistor. Its insulation is class F, and it is spring-mounted to ensure quiet operation.

Standard version available from stock within 48 hours (MDP range).

We offer the SD11M geared motor, AC series or DC shunt geared motor with 50 to 125 W, speed from 28 to 970 rpm, output torque from 0.57 to 5.8 Nm.

Various levels of customization are also possible, from standard options such as shaft modification, different cable lengths, brakes, encoders, and paint finishes, through to complete custom solutions, including the possibility of integrating other components of your drive chain.

Parvalux geared motors join the MDP range

In order to expand our motorization offering for industrial automation, maxon France has included the Parvalux range of geared motors in our MDP range since late 2019 (after Parvalux was acquired by the maxon Group in 2019). maxon France now has a range and a dedicated team to help you in selecting motorization for belt conveyors, automatic doors and shutters, packaging, and much more. Find out more about the Parvalux range available in France at the Parvalux by maxon website or by contacting the maxon France team.

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