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maxon has released the Aposs Integrated Development Environment and ApossC programming language.

The new ApossIDE (Integrated Development Environment) is comprehensive automation software which is license-free and enables application-oriented programming of multi-axis motor control systems. It has been developed by ZUB machine control, which belongs to the maxon group of companies. This tool is used for programming, testing, and debugging of motion control functions for all ZUB MACS motor control devices.

With ApossIDE Release 07.00.72, maxon and ZUB have made a new programming language available: ApossC. It can be used during development as an alternative to the original APOSS programming language. ApossC has a similar syntax to that of the widespread C programming language and is easy to learn. ApossC provides assistance in the effective programming of motor drive solutions and has been expanded to include highly powerful commands. Even extremely complex positioning and synchronization functions can be triggered with simple commands. These commands run fully autonomously as background tasks. Contrary to typical PLC systems, interrupt functions allow for fast real-time reactions that are processed directly in the firmware, independent of the cycle time. Using MACS controllers with the ApossIDE development environment offers great added value for users. With ApossIDE, all MACS components can be programmed freely and flexibly. This allows drives to accurately execute the motion profiles demanded by the application. Faster results and significantly reduced development times provide a critical competitive edge. Additional features include a smart oscilloscope with data recording, a graphic curve editor for creating path trajectories, a programming simulator, and programming examples.

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