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Material handling equipment

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If your business involves manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution, material handling is probably a task you perform every day. The smooth running of any warehouse or factory operation depends on raw, component, and finished materials being processed efficiently and safely. Getting this right can help a business gain a real competitive advantage.

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Optimizing handling equipment for industrial operations

We live in a 24-hour economy, and intrinsic to a successful “always-on” operation is an efficient process supported by the right equipment. Material handling equipment comes in many varieties: from hand-operated units through to specialized motorized systems for handling drums, reels, packages, and glass. The right handling equipment, positioned correctly in a process workflow, can save a business time, increase productivity, and maintain health and safety.

Packline Materials Handling has been designing and manufacturing lifting and handling equipment since 1993 from its headquarters in Poole, UK. The company's “Compac” range of stainless-steel roll, reel, and drum handling equipment is ideally suited to cleanroom environments. Packline has established itself as the leading supplier of material handling equipment to the food, drinks, dairy, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. The company has earned an enviable reputation around the world for developing custom material handling solutions that enable Packline customers to improve productivity and enjoy a real competitive advantage.

“We've worked with Parvalux for a number of years now and they are a partner we trust”

Drives adapted to the needs of the application

Packline initially contacted Parvalux during 2006 seeking a new partner for drive systems. To meet the performance specification needed in Packline's product range, a number of modifications were made to the Parvalux PM5063 DC motor and GB4 gearbox combination, and a sample was built and sent to Packline for testing and evaluation by their development team. This combination has proven to be highly successful, underlining the capability and reliability of the Parvalux drive unit, and it remains specified by Packline to this day.

Packline's managing director, Paul Winter, says: “We've worked with Parvalux for a number of years now and they are a partner we trust. They take the time to understand what we're trying to achieve and have developed excellent drive solutions that enhance the ‘reliability comes as standard’ message every Packline customer has come to expect from our brand.” 

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