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maxon and Fourier Intelligence team up

Template DriveTech 1500x1000 maxon et Fourier IntelligenceTemplate DriveTech 1500x1000 maxon et Fourier Intelligence

maxon Group and Fourier Intelligence have entered into a global strategic partnership. The precision drive systems of maxon and the rehabilitation robotics of start-up Fourier Intelligence are a perfect match and are expected to drive the development of new technologies for patients.

Press release, January 11, 2021

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in patient rehabilitation and care. Clinicians, engineers, and companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of technological solutions to best meet the needs of patients. This is the main goal of the partnership between drive specialist maxon and start-up Fourier Intelligence, which specializes in exoskeletons and robotic rehabilitation. The two companies are pooling their expertise to develop industry-leading technological products and platforms for patient treatment. To seal the partnership, a memorandum of understanding was signed in December 2020.

“Fourier's understanding of the interplay between rehabilitation robotics and technological products perfectly complements maxon's philosophy of making the world a little better with our precision drive systems,” said Eugen Elmiger, CEO of the maxon Group.

“The partnership between maxon and Fourier is a powerful combination”

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The robotics of the Fourier Intelligence exoskeletons: ExoMotus™ X2

Fourier already uses electric motors from maxon in its ExoMotus X2 exoskeleton. In addition, maxon will become part of the Exoskeleton & Robotics Open Platform System (EXOPS™), an open platform for research and development of exoskeleton and robotics systems. maxon will provide a wide variety of customized drive solutions with motors, gearheads, encoders, and controllers to aspiring engineers who want to develop robotic solutions for rehabilitation services.

“Partnering with maxon will allow us to provide the best technology portfolio on which to conceive, design, and build the next generation of transformative technological products and platforms,” said Zen Koh, co-founder and deputy CEO of Fourier Intelligence. “Together, as one team, we will unlock the full potential of technological rehabilitation and put patients on the best path to recovery.”

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