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Flat motors as a frameless kit.

Template DriveTech 1500x1000 kit framelessTemplate DriveTech 1500x1000 kit frameless

Motors used in robotics must be lightweight while simultaneously providing high torque in order for arms and grippers to move dynamically. This is why Swiss drive specialist maxon is offering a new solution: the tried and tested brushless flat motors as frameless kits. This gives rise to a number of benefits.

A solution tailored to robotics

DC motors cannot always be optimally integrated into an existing structure. In robot joints for example, space and weight are priority considerations that take standard solutions to their limits.

This is why drive specialist maxon developed a solution tailored to the growing robotics market: brushless flat motors (EC flat) as frameless kits. The rotor and stator are delivered separately, without bearings or motor shaft, and are connected only when all the components are assembled. This compact configuration offers the best of both worlds: high torque density and minimum volume.

These are also important requirements in the medical, aerospace, and e-mobility sectors, making this solution ideal for those areas.

Compact, but plenty of space for cable routing

With outer diameters of only 43 to 90 mm, the brushless flat motors are extremely compact. Designed with an external rotor, they offer plenty of space inside for routing cables through. maxon delivers them with Hall sensors for easy control.

Engineers can easily integrate maxon frameless motors in robotic joints as they take up so little space. This has the following benefits:

  • High level of integration in the structure of the machine
  • High torques due to multi-pole external rotor
  • Low cogging torque
  • A lot of space available for cable routing
  • High overload capacity
  • Equipped with Hall sensors and thermal sensors (NTC)

Whether or not a solution with frameless motor is possible depends on the specific configuration. maxon specialists offer expert advice to customers; the decision is made together. Contact us!


Frameless version of a flat brushless EC 90 motor (90 W)

You can find the frameless versions of our flat motors in the maxon e-shop.

Also check out the EC 90 flat from maxon, now in the MDP 48H catalog.

Flat motors with improved performance

Latest news: maxon has boosted the power of its brushless flat motors (with diameters of 60 and 90 millimeters), with significant increases of up to 100%. The EC 60 flat and EC 90 flat drives are now available as power-up versions, either with an open rotor or with an attached fan. As a result of optimal motor cooling, the EC 60 flat now delivers 200 W of power, while the EC 90 flat achieves 600 W.

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