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The PM7-SWS geared motor.

Template drivtech 1500x100 parvalux PM7Template drivtech 1500x100 parvalux PM7

The PM7-SWS geared motor, perfect for reversals

The PM7 motor from Parvalux is a brushed, permanent magnet DC motor designed for applications requiring frequent reversals.

Reversing the direction of rotation of a motor proves useful in many applications, such as raising and lowering an elevator or car lift, or opening and closing a door or gate.

The motor is equipped with a spring mechanism for quiet operation, and has a high starting torque, three times higher than at full load. It also has an adjustable brush holder to ensure maximum brush life and excellent commutation. Its die-cast housing ensures a concentric air gap and correct bearing alignment.

Various levels of customization are possible, from standard options such as shaft modification, different cable lengths, brakes, encoders, and paint finishes, through to complete custom solutions, including the possibility of integrating other components of your drive chain. Contact our Parvalux France team.

Standard version available from stock within 48 hours (MDP range)

We offer the PM7-SWS geared motor, 12 or 24 V DC motor with 7 to 40 W, final speed from 1 to 101 rpm, output torque from 1.5 to 11 Nm.

This high-performance motor is compact (total length of 184 mm) but also light (1.35 kg). The types of gearboxes offered are worm-spur and angular. Gearbox materials: wheel made from composite material, gear train in hardened steel, 9 gear ratio combinations available.

Template drivtech 1500x100 parvalux PM7

Did you know?

This motor product was used a few years ago to open valves on high-altitude balloons operated by the French space agency CNES (Centre National des Etudes Spatiales).

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